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Shipping Container House Designs with Floor plans for Modern Homes | ECOBOX 320

This video brings to you ECOBOX 320. This is a 320 square feet Modern Shipping Container House with Floor plans designed from a single 40 foot standard container. It explores how to make the foundation, interior design, exterior design and color finishes, roofing and landscaping ideal for your dream Home.
Watch to the end for surprise drawings you can easily download for your own container house project. Feel free to subscribe to our channel for more videos on container home design.
Enjoy and be inspired.
Watch this video here: https://youtu.be/1tkvAwiAkWs
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You can download all the plans from our website on link in the description.
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  1. Millbank- Paul Bullock

    PLEASE PLEASE let me know what music that was in the video – I MUST have it and more like it !!!!

  2. Project LOVE Coalition

    Very interesting concepts. Could help homeless families.

  3. Where are the plans or where is yr Website

  4. This design is screaming for a minimalist interior design that incorporates mirrored vertical blinds, cylinders, partitions and an infinity wall! Perhaps a greenhouse deck with a patio heater!