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Shipping Container Home Interior Decoration Ideas

Shipping Container Home Interior Decoration Ideas
Some great ideas and certainly keeps the costs down

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  1. great designs big solutions but the music… mans not hot.. i had to mute

  2. Hey everyone, the best results that ive ever had was by following the Magic Container Plans (just google it) without a doubt the most helpful info i've followed.

  3. @1:14 Love it! I've always wanted to have a shipping container office.

  4. they might be metal boxes or containers but they really need to be more creative about the outside appearance so they can blend in with the neighborhood or the environment much better !!!!!

  5. I am sick and tired of seeing that single blue container in every container home video.

  6. One of my least favorite things is when people mislead viewers with titles.

  7. the sound is so irritating ! very poor choice

  8. this video is very impressive but i also found another resource for shipping container homes floor plans
    is Renkarter container report – it will be on google if you need it

  9. at 12 minutes, what kind of flooring is that? concrete, wood??

  10. slow slide show ….. 🙁

  11. That was beautiful.

  12. This would not be too bad if you did not feel the need to show the same units time and time again to drag out the video

  13. Do you have the full details of 8:50? Thanks.

  14. All of these homes are spectacular.

  15. Lucía Márquez Zapata

    será posible dar un costo aproximado en cada construcción?

  16. Looks like "Ideas for you" payed for posts….. since they all say the same thing

  17. I'm curious about maintenance. Mostly the issue of rust.

  18. I may have said this before but 5:12 is not a shipping container.
    A few of the others are not Shipping Containers either.

  19. Turn to your local building contractors for help if you need it. They'll direct you to individuals who can best assist you with layouts to suit your location & know what building codes apply for your area. Most general contractors are more than qualified and able to take on jobs such as this with wonderful results. Do not use out of state contractors – they aren't licensed in your state. Getting pre-made plans usually doesn't work well either given the building codes for using shipping containers vary widely city to city.

  20. who made pine tiny house at end of film do they build for others

  21. Container Homes California

    Great ideas in this Video! Thanks for sharing!

  22. swimming pool is very small size i don"t like

  23. very well put together. nice music so i can think about new ideas!

  24. go felix!!!!

    i like the one at 11:07, the kitchen at 3:28, the one at 14:16 is BOSS! sorry, that"s blackanese for "it's beautiful".