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Shipping Container Home in Revit Tutorial

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In this video I show you how to model a shipping container home in revit. I create beam systems, floors, stairs, railing, door, windows and edit a family.

Families I used:

Revit Shortcuts:

GR – Grid
RE – Scale
CL – Structural Column
MM – Mirror (pick axis)
UN – Project Units
WA – Wall
CS – Create Similar
RP – Reference Plane
Al – Align
TR – Trim/Extend
AR – Array
CO – Copy
TX – Text
LI – Model Lines
DL – Detail LInes

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  1. You have a special place in heaven made for you. Bless your efforts! Much Love!

  2. Great video man! Keep doing it.


    thank you the video was very helpfull

  4. i really like your sharing

  5. can you give us the link to the container family?

  6. nice video

  7. Only problem I have is the void cut won't show in floor plan, neither in the family nor the project :/ I've been trying to solve it in visibility/graphics but I can't find the right item.

  8. balkan how do u get the cut in doors and windows

  9. very nice..

  10. For those interested, I've found the best way to model the container walls is as a sweep. This means you can use standard Revit doors/windows ect. and the openings are created automatically. All you have to do is create a custom profile family, I prefer to draw the entire wall as a single profile.

  11. Actully there is a parametric plug in from bimbakery called shipping container as ready object u just modify it according to your needs and its for Archicad .

  12. مرتضى سالم كاظم

    thainks is very nice

  13. Sir plz make a video of making Our own contaiber

  14. чувак ты просто лучший спасибо огромное тебе !! я просто думал как эти вырезы сделать в семействе чтобы они были связаны а окозалось никак только выдавливанием.

  15. hi sir
    i have one question regarding the visibility &graphic
    i need to change the visibility and graphic for each level plan view and 3d view for a type of elements (like furniture) ( i mean if i change the visibilty and graphic for furniture for floor plan level 1 (to do so, i can see the furniture elements in fllor plan level 1), but, when i jump to the other view(like 3d view), i cannot see the furniture elements (i need to do the same step again)

    is that right?

    i think this is not a smart method?
    how do you do that?

  16. Amazing my friend

  17. jaikanheya lalki

    Please make tutorials on mass modeling of complex designs and how to use advanced modeling tools.

  18. ArchDrwgs Williams

    Where can you download the steel container from? Really enjoying your videos some good tips I haven’t even thought of.

  19. Good one💜 could you teach us how to model the southern cross railway station roof please

  20. what family type the container

  21. Công Cường Nguyễn

    Air wall trick is so clever. Great videos.

  22. That's HOW a True Soviet Børis™ Lives. :') :,)
    Slav Blyāt ™✓®™©

  23. Iván Hernández S.

    Excelente, gracias por estos grandes tips.

  24. Ivan Edelberto Recalde Caicedo

    you are the best

  25. do your thing balkan 🙂

  26. wall air….,hahaha,very clever

  27. Ernest. Macharia

    i desperately needed this. it'll help me a long way in a project i'm having

  28. very nice

  29. Muy bueno tu video

  30. your tips and tricks help me sooo much in revit and my own designs want to say thank you for feeding me with ideas

  31. Great videos man! These are helping me a lot to understand revit posibilities

  32. nice

  33. Fernando H. Honório

    Thanks Balkan, this tip is very valuable.