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Room Planner iPad Home Design App by Chief Architect

Room Planner iPad Home Design – floor plans and 3D home design, interior design models in minutes for your next room or home design project on your iPad.


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  1. Can we upload a real room photo and then add on changes??

  2. rswilliams84mustang

    can this app plan a home theater with multi level seating?

  3. why is this better for ipad than the one for android? i feel i waste $10.oo

  4. Anastasia Fomitcheva

    Will it automatically calculate square footage? Like say I needed to order supplies for a backsplash or a new floor /carpet?

  5. How do I make a 2 floor

  6. Is this compatible with 2020 kitchen design software?

  7. Hey. Are you able to add rooms with a slanted roof (such as a loft conversion)?

  8. How can I buy it
    I have an iTunes card but I do not know how to purchase this home design app

  9. Can you change the colour of the furniture with the free version?

  10. Can you save a house without buying the full version?

  11. I have the game I love it but how do we do a upstairs? 🏫-I want my house to be 5 floors

  12. Jefferson Robinson

    Multi floor levels?

  13. How do you do an upstairs

  14. this app needed a wifi or internet? please answer my question
    if this no need wifi i will download it if this is free

  15. Hi can you import a photo of your own room and use this to place furniture?

  16. Can you tell me how it make more than one room in the same plan becouse I have this but cant do another room on the same plan

  17. What is this specific software name?

  18. Gerardo Herrera Jr

    can this app do landscaping. if not I hope you guys can make it do landscaping that would be awsome.

  19. Can you add second floors? Looks awesome!

  20. MedfordConstruction1

    I have tried OrthoGraph, Total and other Ipad apps in building survey. I keep coming back to room planner because of the ease of use. It does have its limitations, but once Chief works these out, the other guys will be crying.

  21. Awesome! Will this app help me design my bakery/coffee shop??? Thanks!

  22. Screw this, I have the Sims.

    Just kidding.

  23. Good app👍

  24. Good app!!!love it!!!good work chief architect

  25. How do I resize a square room??

  26. Angelina DIYandMORE

    What is it called

  27. Chief Architect Software

    I recommend posting this question on our Room Planner forum. The Room Planner community will be able to assist you further. Simply get onto the Room Planner website and select Forum.

  28. Chief Architect Software

    You can select different furniture from the library. Once you have found the furniture item you like, place your finger on the item and drag it into the plan.

  29. How do you add furniture:/

  30. I bought this app and I am trying to make a room and once I'm editing to be a certain size it won't actually reach that exact size. Can anyone help me out?

  31. Chief Architect Software

    Currently it is not possible to add additional floors to your design.

  32. How do I add another floor on this game for iPod touch please reply?

  33. Chief Architect Software

    Currently, you'll need to save it as an image file to then transfer it to the iPad. Our next Room Planner release will integrate with our full software! Keep your eye on our user's forum for information.

  34. If I design something using your desk top software, can I transfer it to an iPad for presentation to a client?

  35. I have an iPad and I am satisfied with this app

  36. Chief Architect Software

    This is a very user friendly app. We do not ask for your information and there are no obligations when downloading the app. Currently, you will not be able to angle the walls and the materials are generic.

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