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ROBLOX | Welcome to Bloxburg: One Story Modern House

Here’s another one story house! Someone had requested a two bedroom/two bath so here it is 🙂

Value: 48k

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  1. I'm so happy I subscribed I also like the fact that she is able to chat to others while working you are a calm and patience human being I love you.
    Ps. Keep up the good work hope u reach 1mil+ subs 😘😉

  2. Misheel Khurelbaatar

    It looks awesome but i think the roof is a bit simple

  3. KreekCraft FANNN

    I met you remeb be r im IDIOT_COOL

  4. Hey Ayzria! So I just wanted to say that your builds are amazing! I try to remake them in my style to show people that Ayzria Rules! You are really my inspiration to become a better builder!

  5. Gaming with Kierstin

    Love the house build

  6. oмg! I love this!!!! I'll build this!!!!! I'm in love with this build.

  7. How many rooms?

  8. Thanks!

  9. Its beautiful than my house at bloxburg

  10. I adore the adorablez

    Can you build my home on bloxblurg i will give you my account because i will be out of town please

  11. Lushiez} Dragneel

    this house is RIGHT on my budget THANKS AGAIN AYZIRA!!

  12. I adore the adorablez

    Can you help me build my home on bloxblurb

  13. Will this house work with small placement?


  15. How many bedrooms doea this house have?

  16. Thank you for making this video. It really helped me with my house

  17. Thanks so much for this build! It's really really pretty, and I built it! It doesn't look exactly like yours. But it's similar. I also gave you credit by putting a picture next to the main door and using your pic. Thanks again, Ily! <3

  18. Wow so you were just building a random house D:

  19. Mangle The Broken Fox

    Hey Arzyia ! I was wondering if you can make a 2 story modern home with no back yard and under 60k! 😀 and with colors as yellow,light green ,grey ,white ,black ,gold , light grey , light blue ! and I want a design with planted in plants in front and a grand kitchen and also a grand bathroom !With 4 bedrooms! with 2.5 bathrooms !I also want to add the most aesthetic and lively home as possible .Also Keep Doing the Hard work! You'll get to 100 k fast <3 you! ^^

  20. Alli's World DIY

    When are u going to do a face reveal?

  21. The dining should have been a modern table. Cuz it looks like Wood painted with White but overall your house looks fantastic! Keep doing vids😍

  22. Thx for thd vid, gave me lots of ideas in bloxburg

  23. nice!

  24. Ur the best! Heart this comment if u like ur fans! 😀 if u heart this comment I’m going

  25. Iᴛs _JᴀᴄᴋɪᴇRᴍᴄ

    13:25.. Your welcome!

  26. OmqITzJundai Nebula

    You gave me inspirations!

  27. what is the name of the song when your giving house tour? 13:30

  28. If I pay someone to make me a profile pic will they do it? ($200. In 8 years I will pay and get the profile pic. Comment on this and I’ll tell you what it needs to look like

  29. xXThe Kawaii Cute Nekø Girl! Lewd Rper!Xx

    unrelated but whenever i make living rooms i always add so much space yet its only a fireplace with a tv on it and 3 couches

  30. You built my house!

  31. Hi someday can u help me build my house my name is ShinyLove2008

  32. Christian Chim Chim Is the best

    How much did the house cost?

  33. Emeline Talavera


  34. i love this house build that i made this as my lil homie

  35. How much money did you spend? XD I luv your vids and I love your houses i dont know how you make up brilliant houses

  36. I love your speed building videos! Every video is an amazing bloxburg house! I got inspired by this, and I made it with a few changes!

  37. I LOVE you'r builds,I'm building a house for my friend rn and i'm inspired by this video,Cab u please build me a house,my username is SimplexKylie on ROBLOX if u can I would REALLY appreciate it 😀

  38. only 1 bedroom? ._.


  40. Wow that’s beautiful I rlly got inspired by u keep the good work up

  41. Hey Maddie I love your videos soo much keep it up 🙂

  42. Love your vids! keep it up!

  43. Do you need any gamepasses to build this house?

  44. seashelltheshell

    please friend me ;-; :3

  45. What was the total cost of this house?

  46. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE MY NEW HOUSE! P.s Keep up the good work!!

  47. hi and why did you put a frige in the bathroom