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ROBLOX | Welcome to Bloxburg: Cheap One Story 18k

Happy Monday everyone 🙂

So this is basically just a one story house that’s pretty cheap (18k total), but the only thing you cannot do unless you have the multi-story gamepass is the little cover thing above the front door/walkway.

DECAL CODE for kitchen backsplash: 581135394

Value: 18k

*If quality is weird, go to the gear (settings) button on the bottom right corner of the video and go to Quality then press 720pHD or higher!

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Inspiration: Glouryian

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  1. This is an AWESOME build!

  2. Madeline Hensley

    That’s not a one story if you use the gamepass to build that shade in the front. But I still like it.

  3. how do i do the fence part :c

  4. That CHRISTOPHER dude better back off

  5. somewhere:inthevid
    Person=if u like her then donate
    itz_sammi= donates 100 YW


  6. Can you please reply to my comment because how did you get so much money

  7. i purchased the multiple floors gamepass for this

  8. i will try and do this

  9. i love your videos if i want of you do easy house

  10. You deserve 1 million subs! Not that much! Plz sub to her I did!

  11. She’s so fast I can barely keep up on 0.25 xD

  12. I need to watch in 0.5 X-X

  13. I used this build myself in bloxburg with a few tweaks and OMG its sooo good ur so good at building <3

  14. I’m sooo happy I got robux today and bought bloxburg can’t wait to use one of your builds

  15. sees the title of the video*oh hey it says its cheap!*sees it again says 18k me: WTF IT SAID ITS CHEAP -_-

  16. LiveAndLove Forever

    Christopher is soo rude u should be treated nice and kindly <3

  17. i LOVE your builds but for the pillar part i have to buy the upstairs and i don't have the robex to do so, unless im rocking at this wrong please help me ;(

  18. i remember wanted to build this so bad but i thought 18k was so difficult to get. now i’m looking at your new builds and in like “160k? easy.”

  19. Bxrlinda exposed

    All of her builds are expensize ;-;

  20. RoyaleRaider Some Naruto Vids and RoS Vids

    Next time plsss can you slow down?