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Roblox | Bloxburg | 10k No Gamepass Home

hi welcome back kids ♡
☆ value: 10k (10,755)
if you have any requests for future builds, please leave them down below as I love reading your ideas 🙂 ☆

alsooo notes: whenever i make no gamepass builds people usually accuse me of using gamepasses (rly harshly, sometimes)(ouch, my feelings :c), so before anyone frantically starts typing into the comment section that i cheated and used the gamepasses please read the following bit of information:
1) The multiple story gamepass is not used because this house is only one story.
2) The advanced placement gamepass is not used because there is an option where you can turn the gamepass off. In the corner under the grid settings, there is an icon with two squares intersecting one another with solid lines. This means that the advanced placement gamepass is off and you will not be able to put objects inside one another. Dashed lines mean that it is on and you will be able to place objects inside one another. I feel like some people may also be confused and think that because i’m able to place things so close to one another that i’m using the gamepass, but this is actually something you can do whether you have the gamepass or not. You just have to keep clicking the grid icon (under the redo & undo arrows) until the squares are the smallest and this will allow you to place things as close as possible without them being inside one another. (This was actually something that confused me when I first started building on bloxburg lol)
3) The basement gamepass is not being used because there is no basement, and the large plot gamepass is not being used because the house is too small to even reach the maximum area of the regular plot.
Okay so those are all the building gamepasses that could have been used, but of course weren’t 🙂
Hopefully, that clears a few things up because my intentions are never to drain y’alls bank accounts or to cause y’all to become homeless on bloxburg lol!
With that being said, I hope this house helps those of you who are starting out or just simply want a budget home. ♡
This house actually took me like four times to build (hence the small house on the side heeh) because i kept messing up during planning and recording rip, and the third time I forgot to record a huge chunk because I had to continuously keep checking the value to make sure I wasn’t going over budget.
Alsoo, the house I build is slightly cheaper than the house in the tour because while I was building it again I decided to change a few things to try to make it as cheap as I possibly could so it actually ended up being about a hundred dollars cheaper. c:

anywayyss, that’s it!
thanks to everyone who I met, y’all are always so sweeet! ♡
ilygsm &
hasta luego! ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡

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