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Revit Beginner Tutorial – Floor plan (part 1)

House from Sketch to Advanced 3D Revit Model Complete Course:

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Part 2: https://youtu.be/kQCakJ6I5Hw
How to download revit 2019 for free:https://youtu.be/Wqd8N78i-eM
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In this tutorial I show you how to get started with Revit by modeling a simple floor plan.

Revit Shortcuts:

GR – Grid
RE – Scale
EL – Elevation
VR – View Range
CL – Structural Column
MM – Mirror (pick axis)
DM – Mirror (draw axis)
UN – Project Units
WA – Wall
CS – Create Similar
RP – Reference Plane
Al – Align
SL – Split Element
OF – Offset
TR – Trim/Extend
AR – Array
CO – Copy
TX – Text
LI – Model Lines
DL – Detail LInes
RR – Render
RY – Ray Trace
GD – Graphic Display Options
TL – Thin Lines
GP – Group
LG – Project form Group

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  1. mohammed Sayeed

    You've been going soo fast even not explaining the commands properly
    In only tutorial you're said the whole class

  2. 11:55 What is the shortcut for rotating the element????

  3. Manyelo Isaac Mosholombi

    I like ur revit tutorials but you are too fast when explaining…..'m still new on Revit. I also joined your Patreon but still fast. Can you please make video tutorial on:- Componet, Create…..Extrusion, Blend, Revolve, Sweep, Swept Blend, VoidForms.

  4. This isn't a tutorial, it's just you talking very fast without explaining how to move through commands or how to actually apply items to your plan.

  5. Dude.. you're about 30 miles per hour faster… are u in a hurry?

  6. How did you highlight all walls at once when you were creating floor element @19:55

  7. This video is Extremely hard to follow. I am watching it at 1/2 speed and I still have to go back and repeat every step 2 or 3 times. "Align it like this" is not helpful… How?? What do I click? In a beginner tutorial please explain how to use each command you do and why.

  8. Mate, you are going at a hundred miles an hour… ridiculous. You said this was a Beginner Tutorial.

  9. Gerardo Paredes

    There is a way to change application language?

  10. I need components in my load family there is no any component please give me some components or help me to get it

  11. I want to use this program so bad but it’s so expensive and my community college offers courses that teach it but there’s still a pricey fee to get into a class and also I need to get my general credits to graduate and transfer to 4 year I don’t have much time for a class like this though I’m interested in it a lot 🙁

  12. way to fast man

  13. 20:21 Finally, someone who knows that Batrooms are most definitely a necessity. C( ; 😇
    ..Also, thank you for your nice informative video.

  14. How to get revit 2020 libraries and family files?

  15. Thomas Zalewski

    spoko ale za szybko postaraj sie troche wolniej tlumaczysz jak dla profesjonalisty ,ogolnie calkiem niezle

  16. How did you select all the external walls to lay the flooring throughout the house??? at 20mins

  17. too fast!!!!!!!!

  18. Can you make me some modern but simple design for 100 square meters ? I want to be like you 😀

  19. Man this is ridiculous! You need to rename this video! Do you even know what a beginner is??? You're too fast. No explanation about what you're doing! Slow down buddy! I did subscribe… then removed myself. I am a beginner… sorry man… maybe later in my journey with revit will I look at any of your videos again

  20. sina khoshbayan

    So many aaaaaaddddssss!!! Oh my god!!!

  21. Thanks fro the video, it was helpful but too fast.

  22. Richard Anderson

    Awesome tutorial, could you please show how to show the outside timber frame dimensions

  23. Way too fast, plus you keep using shortcuts without even telling us what they are…I understand you automatically use it and forget to explain people what you clicked at, but still, it is a beginner video, you kinda have to explain every single thing…

  24. sir how can i have those architectural template in my revit application. i tried searching for answers on other youtube channel. but still they wont work. and i wan to ask expert.

  25. I cannot load families.. why is this .? Where can i download the families

  26. It was really helpful ! Thank you very much!

  27. I installed Revit 2019, I cannot find the "generic wall", anyone can help me with this. Thanks


    Bro how to download curtain pattern based in revit 2017

  29. Not usefull because vedio not clear. This is shit

  30. Visagan Arudselvan

    Does all the load componants stuff ( furniture etc) comes with the Revit programme or have to download separately on google ?

  31. Great tutorial, thanks!

  32. Very good!!

  33. Nissan GTR-Clash of Clans YouTube

    I ended up with a bridge lmao

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  35. It may be fast but it is covering a lot in a short time, however, been able where the mouse goes to click what might be of great help 😉

  36. Leave the drawing steady

  37. Too fast. I couldn’t know how you trim. Etc also I was hoping for inches. And it would be helpful if ya pu don’t move the drawing back and forth. I could not learn

  38. Naveen Weerasekera

    I only see ads only for this video?

  39. Great Work, I have some videos too and I like your approach

  40. Olu-sola Ogunmilua

    You were too slow, please make the beginner course faster next time.

  41. I am sorry for this guy, that he can't be faster.