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Revit Architecture| Modern House Design #9

Modern House Designs(Playlist) :

Revit Tips and Tricks(Playlist):

Revit Architecture Families and Templates Not Installed(Solved!)

Complete Plan In AutoCAD Only By Using Commands(AutoCAD Tips and Tricks)

TUTORIAL ABOUT PLAN REGION(41:36): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83lMhEREaeo

Download furniture file for AutoCAD(I’m not taking any credit): http://adf.ly/1ej6up

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Design copied from http://www.keralahousedesigns.com/
Designer: Suhail Nizam
Marikkar designers, Mob: +91 9895368181

Background sounds downloaded from

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  1. hey…i want revit 2012 full version … can anyone send me ??

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  4. make vedio on v-ray rendering for revit

  5. i like this tutuorial its wide for beginners many thanks

  6. Can you please upload the building plan(autocad) to this video.. or make it easy by forwarding it to my eamil : kakanipraneethkumar@gmail.com.. THANKYOU!

  7. just a note ;the cad file in your blog is not correspond to this house check it you made a mistake in cad file

  8. suruli rajan Arasumani

    hi i liked your videos explain via voice its good for learning beginners. can you explain create the own template for residential buildings.

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  12. Mahendran Arjunan

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  13. bro awesome work … i am learning from u lot

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    Can you send me the house plan so that i can use it in my revit too?

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  17. Man i wanted to try this but need a cad templete. Any chance we get the plan template ?

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  19. can u throw some light on interiors using revit

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