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Resource Furniture: Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture

Ron Barth, President of Resource Furniture (www.resourcefurniture.com/space-savers), demonstrates and explains their amazing line of Italian-designed space-savers.

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  1. Usually people who move into small ass apartments dont have enough money for all this

  2. The passion and confidence this man has about his products is what has me sold!

  3. Just have to love these furniture.

  4. Jan Niezbędny

    Not much more than Ikea quality, I say no. Make 2 in 1, 3 in 1 furniture that costs lots of money? If these were cheap I could understand that ppl who live in small flat would be interested, but I prefer solid furniture over this all day. It looks shit too, i rly dislike the design.

  5. Yeah, that's what I d like to live in , a swiss army house!!

  6. SHould make that bed hydraulic

  7. I really like the red sofa concept! I don't know how did the mattress stuck under there upside down.
    What a way to make the sofa still useable when the bed is deployed

  8. nice furniture but I wonder those are extremely expensive…. I'm not sure I can afford anything over three thousands….

  9. For the spinning beds, have you ever thought about doing this with a built-in wardrobe instead?

    Hangers would be too deep if you tried to hang them straight in, but if you had a section either on a hinge to swing out or that pulled out like a drawer, you could have about 12" of depth of hanging rod in four different sections.

    Or just do two sections, and have drawers/shelves beneath for storing folding clothes or shoes.

    Maybe even have a table that folds up to be a desk.

    Most versatile guest room/office ever!

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  11. Sand Artist Badal Barai

    very nice design and concept…

  12. kapleshdra ngo


  13. Modern Kitchen


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  16. Resham Vidhani

    Where can i get this kind of furniture in Pune India

  17. Kailesh Kapadia

    Nice . Sleek cool stuff

  18. nice

  19. hi
    price in pakistan

  20. Incredible

  21. how i can know the price and contact person

  22. Only problem is that nearly everybody who lives in such small apartments live there because they can’t afford more and this furniture are pretty expensive

  23. How to deal this furniture

  24. excellent work. The increasingly reduced spaces of the houses require practical and beautiful solutions.

  25. best

  26. best

  27. transformers, more than meets the eye. robots in disguise.

  28. 3:07 Where can i get the mechanic for the desk/bed?

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  30. cara delevigne

    The shoes of the girl xD

  31. Hi, I would like to have this imported in india for a business option, can u send me a quote at my email id guptvenu@gmail.com

  32. Loretta Tay!or

    still gotta find a place to put those pillows!

  33. Loretta Tay!or

    I'm not gonna sit on that hard-ass small stool!!

  34. fetish pissing……….



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  37. Rozmaheswari 01101963

    start these furniture manufacturing in India .
    Indian only home furniture business is 10000000 USD every year