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Reading an electrical drawing starts here

http://www.VideoJoeKnows.com Reading an electrical drawing starts ‘here’….do you know where ‘here’ is? Do you know how to read an electrical drawing? Do you know what a set of plans is? Do you even know how to read an electrical drawing or what it’s for? You’re in for a treat as “joe” wants you to know how to read an electrical drawing & from there, you will learn other things about a plan/drawing or a set of plans. Knowing how to read an electrical drawing, is an important step for all DIY’ers (do it yourselfer….that’s you). Reading a complete set of plans can be a daunting experience, if you don’t know the first thing about it. Let’s just go one step at a time & begin with starting out by looking how to read an electrical drawing. You know THAT too “joe”?!!…lol

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  1. Amazing lesson

  2. Was is about reading electrical drawing of reading architectural plan?


    Hello sir actually that drawing is not visible properly …

  4. Waste of time

  5. iam indian but hindi

  6. Lost me in <30 seconds, condescending tone, and I'm not 5 years old. And anyone that can't unroll a sheet of paper would probably not be able to interpret plans.

  7. Thanks for posting .You have a nice warm voice that makes it easy to learn .

  8. use bro lights before running a job

  9. Waste of time

  10. I like it

  11. you didnt even talk about the electrical parts on the plan..u just talked about doors on the plan

  12. Munawar Hussain

    In half of the video you did not teach anything except for rolling the drawing you are wasting our time.

  13. Its like youre talking to a 3 years old kid

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    3 minute of b shit

  15. :Nicodemus - :Dean

    derk a der… WHOA daa dats paper home stuff… daaaaaaa

  16. Vijesh Kushwaha

    Bhai Kya video banata ho

  17. To out of focus. could see it

  18. what a load of crap

  19. zero information about electrical

  20. Vinayagamoorthy Thaman


  21. Most of the comments here are pretty rude, but don't you think his intention was to use this to instruct children? My kids would love this, AND be able to understand it.

  22. He seems like a nice guy. I don't understand all of the rude comments.

  23. I totally enjoyed your video

  24. Jhon Calvin Miñon

    Im an electrical engineer and i find this offensive.

  25. shut up. you dont know how to read an electrical plan.

  26. 7277866 srikanth

    i want new house electrical piping & board disign

  27. Umm…yeah… I too felt like he was talking to us as if we were in kindergarten. It was still helpful, though.

  28. Wrong, you should start reading the Electrical plan general notes design and guidelines before looking the others..

  29. Should probably delete this video, unless your aim is to prove how stupid a guy wanting to be an electrician can be.

  30. Braeburn Hilliard

    I agree with the other comments and mention that you'd be better off teaching 5 year olds.

  31. two minutes to rolling makes flat..bad

  32. thank you Sir

  33. thank you for your video im trying to be able to read electric plans

  34. Juarez YourName

    yeah fuck this video. You talk to us like we are stupid. Fuck your blue prints. talk about Electrical.

  35. Pretty sure anything built newer than 1960 uses 120v outlets. Not 110v.

  36. Theghostof Benoit

    Just a critique, more time should be spent explaining and less time should be spent thinking the intended audience is 10 yrs old. All of the wows, and "look at thats" make the viewer feel like the video is a bit TOO basic.