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Practical Minimalism House Tour

Welcome to a practical, minimalist house tour of our 1950’s Minneapolis home. We’re living in about 850 sq. feet, and this is how we have our lives set up. We work from home, and have made the space work well for us (so far). We have a new project coming up, and will be completely redoing the back office to make that happen. Follow on Instagram to see everything behind the scenes: http://www.instagram.com/breakthetwitch ↓ more ↓

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Mattress: http://www.eightsleep.com
Headphones: https://amzn.to/2IKtf9h
Speakers: https://amzn.to/2LsQa6Q
30DOB: http://www.30DOB.com
ROCKY: http://www.instagram.com/rockythemp
Coffee Mug: https://amzn.to/2koHhPl
Notebook: https://amzn.to/2KUngLO

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Anthony Ongaro is a filmmaker, writer, and intentional living advocate. He writes and creates videos about minimizing distractions and doing more of what matters. His content focuses on doing this through the subjects of minimalism, habits, and creativity. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife Amy and very cute dog.

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Production: Amy Ongaro
Intro animation: Steve Gagner, http://stevengagner.com
Intro music: Anthony Ongaro

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  1. Now that you know what my voice looks like

  2. Oh look you can be a minimalist without having a home that resembles a museum. Thank you for this.

  3. You sound like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. It scares me. Aimee better watch her back. Sounds like your going to cut the bitch if she doesn't have the cutlery exactly 3.5 cm away from your dinner plate that you are served up every night after a day in the office.

  4. Those are pothos, not spider plants. Nice house!

  5. Nenette Alejandria Mayor

    Your home is my goal! It feels so *real*, not sterile. Very warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I've always had the impressin that a minimal house is just an empty house with the very most basic stuff but your house is beautifully decorated i love that and i love the fact that all the decorations are meaningful

  7. Realistic minimalism. But if/when you have children this will change….a lot 😉

  8. Astro Bread Gaming

    echo concrete home

  9. dum spiro spernw dss

    Love that smooth jazz on the background👍

  10. Why don’t you put the video equipment in the giant mirrored cabinet? They would be out of the way and uncluttered? A very well-appointed home!

  11. I don't consider myself a minimalist, but you've got a lot more stuff and space than I do. I guess I'm just poor.

  12. How often do you actually refer back to the books you keep?

  13. I see you got an old box camera from the 20s -30s.

  14. Nice work ! Congrats !

  15. If your aiming for minimalism you need to get rid of alot of furniture and stash brah.

  16. Don't think they are Spider plants.

  17. Beautiful home! I use my Moleskin notebook every day too. Do you bullet journal?

  18. My favourite part of your house is the cute white fluffy sofa accessory that seems to be taking a nap 🐕

  19. Very nice video 👍. Your home looks peaceful.

  20. I love that you can have nice stuff in this house while retaining the minimalist,organised look.Most minimalist houses I’ve seen on YouTube look so sterile,depressing and dull,kind of like a hospital.

  21. beautiful

  22. Diana Vigneswari Ramachandran Singapore

    😀 I like the dog the best!

  23. Ivette Roca-mercado

    your voice puts me to sleep so badly, id rather be in Ancient History class

  24. Love love love, so pretty, so neat, and so much eye appealing!

  25. A non-clinical minimalist house!! Wooo!! I always thought my house wasn't minimalist because I have colour.. who knew that only white wasn't a requirement! 🙂

  26. Your voice is dreamy .

  27. Love it 😍

  28. i don't think you willr ead this but the video needed an establishing shot showing which is where phisically. It feels like this is all closeups without the sense of space.

  29. Ur voice soooo calm and nice

  30. Those arent spider plants hahah, but beautiful house !!!

  31. So glad it looks like a house that people live in and not very white that hurts my eyes , it's a cozy, clean home.. that's really the essence of minimalism, everything is functional and meaningful without keeping excess

  32. Domo-kun on the top of the wardrobe! I new a have seen him before in one of your videos xD (Tuesday, October 2nd – coming from the newest video)

  33. Clearly no kids!

  34. Indonesian audience here! Happy to see that Indonesian souvenir and you have such an amazing house!

  35. Nice but not minimalist

  36. Great video and the piano was relaxing. You and Amy have a beautiful home