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Part 1 – Floor Plan Measurements – Small House Design And Framing

http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com/design/index.html Click on this link for more information about building design, architecture and house framing. This video will provide you with floor plan measurements and how they can be used. Do-it-yourselfers and those new to the construction industry could find a series beneficial and it’s obviously something I wish I would’ve had when I started.

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  1. you call this small. fk i m soo poor 😭😭😭

  2. You sound just like tom green

  3. Alexander Ivanov

    When i design a floor plan how do i place the columns?

  4. cool

  5. Can you explains a floor plan for a concrete house, do we need to have columns on each corners or each joins

  6. Georgia Harris

    why does this gentleman sound exactly like jordan peterson aha

  7. Good video. Thanks!

  8. Any books you recommend on how to read plans? I’m new to framing houses and having a tough time.

  9. Cheney salazar

    Great video

  10. Nice

  11. janaka chaminda

    very good plans

  12. Thank you for this. Ive got 6 acres in the county on city water and I want to build something like this as rentals..ive been looking at old jim Walter floor plans for 3/2 of about 1000 sq ft. Youve taught me so much.

  13. Delvis Rodriguez

    Nice video .thanks

  14. Kitchen and one bathroom had no ventilation window

  15. How thick are you showing walls? Do I have to show finish?

  16. Azer Xterm Namer677


  17. how thick the wall ussually?.
    from the outside wall?

  18. Nomawonga Winnie Mpofu

    I want to design lot of hut house and trees ,Pavement and swimming pool

  19. Atar Zen der Win

    house plans

  20. Samuel Afatsao


  21. kitchen sucks mate. cant get any daylight

  22. Great video! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have been a carpenter for 4 years now and watching your videos has greatly increased my general building IQ!

  23. I love the home, just curious if I missed the air handler? Since it is not indictated, should I assume it is located in the garage? Just curious, when I looked to maximize my small home, AC was a huge consideration

  24. Fun video. A couple of comments. The 4' 9 3/4" is a bit narrow for a bathroom? Most tubs are a hair under 5'. Also with regard to the bathroom, would you call out a plumbing wall (I'm not sure what the dimensions turn out to be)? About door positions, care should be taken in bathrooms especially because you need enough space for the vanity and whatever size casings you want to use. 2 studs may not be big enough or might be the most you can do. Finally having a pocket door between the kitchen and the laundry room may be problematic because you cannot put or run electrical in that space (other than on the outside of the wall). I would put a door there.

  25. Another informative video. I look forward to the next installment. Thank you.

  26. One of my pet peeves is a door that is 3 inches from a corner. They are a mess to paint, at least by amateurs.