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Over 40 Furniture Storage Ideas for House 2016 – Kitchen Bedroom Bath Part.2

Best ideas for Storage stuff.Furniture with storage space!

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  1. Small house, my foot! Those bedrooms are 4 times the size of mine, kitchens 5 times the size of mine. These are not ideas for a small house.

  2. Xin chao

  3. ItsJoan NotJoann

    Shitty 'music,' thank goodness for the mute button, but some nice ideas. But my question is, how in the world you change sheets or even make the bed when it's built right next to the wall??

  4. Get this folding bed for your family with 50% off here; https://bit.ly/2HrtLnT

  5. So lovely……so many awesome ideas…….. thanx

  6. It's perfect designs & so creative.i really like soo much..

  7. 😊😊

  8. Some of that cabinetry could save a lotta room in Senior Apartments ❗❗

  9. Mera ghar to 26war ka muze idea nahi kese intirr karna h

  10. How to buy

  11. That is so cool 😎

  12. i so loved your vid, thank you.

  13. Kalsoom Chaudhry

    Nice 🤗

  14. Increibles, preciosas, Ideas. Pura vida. 🌷

  15. i don't like it

  16. Hasini Honey610

    It s k tineca kittyboad. Good day for u by then take care 💅 👑💊💉🔪🔕🔌📓💙💛😺

  17. شيء جميل …..نعم للإبداع

  18. its depend what is small for you..but there is not small house at all..!

  19. Perfect design❤❤❤😍😍😍👍

  20. Cristina Ayres

    horrible music!

  21. ammmmmazing ideas ,I like,….no…no…I love it toooooo much keep it up..!!

  22. a small house doesn't have a center island in kitchen

  23. nice and clean

  24. Some fantastic and fun ideas here, ehanks