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This video shows how Interior Architectural Details create a beautiful space and backdrop. That the Architectural Elements can make the design more so than just the furnishings.

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  1. An excellent video on how beautifully an abode can be customized and redesigned. Different pattern of stones, unique iron, walls, floors and lightning made it more elegant.

  2. Really nice video. How are logn home sales doing in the Orlando area?

    Also, you should put the h tee tee pee in the beginning of your website so that it is easily clickable to your website without having to copy and paste.Lastly, if you'd like to increase your business, check out my channel.

  3. song pls?

  4. Visit

  5. oh wow! amazing designs! i really adore this kind of interior design..i'm all for the 18th century glamour air..and your designs are really elegant..i'm getting some idea from your design for my new house in a golf club district. I love the wrought iron idea of yours! excellent job, Susan. Best regard, Evelyn.

  6. Your videos having lovely songs playing to it.

    What is the name of this song and who is the artist..

  7. Your abilities and talent are nothing less than awesome. Thank you for sharing your work.

  8. Thanks Rebecca. I love your videos. It's so important for people to understand that the room needs to be right before any of the furnishings or art come in. Best.

  9. Thank you. If you can get the walls, floors and ceilings working for the design you want, then the decorating becomes easy. Look at lots of pictures and make an idea book for yourself. The more ideas you look at, the more you'll understand what you like. Best, Susan

  10. wow beautiful designs i have a big house and it looks kinda empty because i dont know how to decorate it and the colors and everything but i'm getting some ideas from ur videos THANX!!

  11. These were Street of Dreams Houses, so they were supposed to be "Over The Top". They were targeted at the Florida 'Old World Design" market in a community with a Tuscany and Italy theme. I also do homes that are simple and calm. I'll try to get those posted. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Over the top. Who has that kind of money anymore?
    You do fancy work but it's a little too gaudy for my taste.

  13. Wow, Susan,

    Thats an amazing video.
    You obviously have incredible projects come your way. I see luxury living at it's best. Thank you for spelling out ALL the MANY aspects that are involved with excellent design. It's far more detailed than most people know and you did a great job walking us through the process. Good luck with the new video.
    Rebecca Robeson GFB