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NYC Apartment Tour!! 300 sq. foot Minimalist Studio

New York Apartment Tour! 300 sq foot minimalist studio apartment in Chelsea Manhattan! My brand new apartment tour in New York with tips on tiny apartment living.

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Furniture in my apartment!
Projector: http://amzn.to/2qFTNzY
Pub Table: http://bit.ly/2CN0G7k
Article Couch: http://bit.ly/2eAM1zC
West Elm Desk: http://bit.ly/2FcpZhH
Murphy Bed: http://bit.ly/2u8vec3
World Map: http://bit.ly/2D7KtaI
Vintage Hollywood Light: http://bit.ly/2qCSnWL

Music: Epidemic Sound https://goo.gl/N5WJnj

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  1. My New York City apartment tour! Leave a thumbs up if you dig minimal living and let me know what you think ✌🏼

  2. Now this is what I call stylishly broke

  3. Am i the only one who saw those cars going backwards at 6:28?

  4. You’re so “real” Erik, I expected to see some snooty dude showing off his apartment, instead you’re just an everyday guy who makes the small space work intelligently. Bravo and good luck in all you do!

  5. What is that for a sort of music in the background

  6. Wow, this is fabulous.

  7. You should visit Seychelles 🇸🇨

  8. Apartment goals, especially the view

  9. Apartment goals, especially the view

  10. Erik, where did you buy your big plant, Jafar? Thanks


    $2,250???? For a studio??!!! Oh hell no! No wonder these kids are always in the coffee houses all day long. Their apartments are tiny.

  12. Every bird needs its small nest.
    Yours is nice.😍
    Greetings from India

  13. $2250 a month for a 300sqft apartment?

  14. Where is your rug from?

  15. The kitchen in my house is literally the size of your whole apartment. How fascinating New York is. 🙂

  16. Thank you very much Eric for this video ! Love it

  17. Paulo RicardoPereira Tina

    The rent is really high, 2.200 usd damn, but anyway, the decoration of the apartment is just awesome, loved.

  18. Hey Erik, you journal every morning, what do you journal about?

  19. Hmmm, why are you single? 🙂

  20. Maths for morons Karni

    I would defo live there. Nice little space.

  21. The problem I have with my place is the ceiling. Only 250 square feet and 8 foot ceiling. Not much room, but I'm still comfortable.

  22. Adult Onset Diabetes

    Damn..white people really be livin like it ain’t shit

  23. You look kinda like Ben Barnes, especially with sun glasses on. Love his performance in The Punisher. Nice video!

  24. Your apartment kitchen is still bigger than my studio apt kitchen in the Bay Area!

  25. The decoration is really nice, I love the bohemian decor, but it’s way too tiny and not worth over $2,000+ per month. That’s a rip off! You don’t even have a bedroom. Lmaoo. The living conditions in NY are so shitty tbh

  26. Honestly Been Getting More Comfortable With Studios Mainly Because Where I'm At Financially. This Video Made Me Feel So Much Better

  27. Living your best life♥️

  28. This guy is so millennial


    I love the view and the roof top. It’s insane

  30. so, you are the male version of carrie bradshaw. :-p

  31. Where did you get the desk lamp?

  32. I love the way you decorate your apt, amazing! where did you buy the plant and the industrial look lighting?

  33. ooooh I would love to live in a place like this!