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New trends in Interior Design 2013 – Luxury home design meets fashion

We at ArredaClick.com are always looking through the new trends in interior design: at the Milan Furniture Fair 2013 we spotted Italian brand “Modà”. In one word: fabulous!

Their luxury home design is really exciting, it shouts “fashion meets design, finally”, just as we did when we got into their stand.
Modà’s aesthetic philosophy is a connection between italian traditional wood craft and high quality furniture design. This is a modern design which takes inspiration from fashion, but also from traditional furniture styles: we spotted Victorian style sofas and bergère armchairs, Imperial-style dressers and nightstands, and above all we saw a luxury home design concept for a house in which one can feel free to mix styles, textures and textiles without fear. Modà really helps you see your home decorating potential!

Short summary of what we saw and have been told from our super-nice&super-fancy guide about new trends in interior design 2013:
– add texture and tactile finishes such as fabrics, but also stone and even accessories stolen from fashion
– colors: green emerald is the colour for 2013, together with opaque pastel colors
– style: vintage mood and retro furniture IS the trend
– don’t be afraid of daring colours and styles when furnishing your house. Express yourself and your innermost desires and beliefs.

Want to be a modern dandy? Be it!
Want a luxury home with italian hand made furniture? go for Modà!

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