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NEW!!! Simplified Fall (non capsule) Wardrobe | Minimalist Mom Life (2018)

I don’t have anything against capsule wardrobes, I think the idea is brilliant…capsule wardrobes just never seemed to work for me! BUT, the good news is, a highly simplified wardrobe works just as well! Here is a glimpse inside my fall wardrobe and shoes!

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  1. I started decluttering and I’m selling clothes on Facebook but it makes more clutter 🙈😔 any advice?

  2. How about Club wear? 🙈 im a mom but we go out to the club like once a month with my husband.

  3. The Little Red Hen

    Your last video was so helpful!! I cleaned out my closet and it’s so freeing ❤️

  4. I just loved this! I really appreciated the tip on getting clothes that fit! I feel so rushed when I stop into a store that I have been doing this haphazard purchasing!

  5. Princess Wears Hiking Boots

    Great video, thanks. How refreshing that you love straight leg jeans – universally flattering for all body types. A simplified wardrobe including colour and print – yeah!!! Dressing for your lifestyle really is the key when culling your wardrobe. Great boots – ankle boots are timeless. Couldn't live without my western boots. Love your straightforward style. Ciao

  6. Thats my thing I couldn’t do as a minimalist is the capsule wardrobe

  7. Alpha Omega Kinesis

    Great video – what about any special occasion outfits, dresses or summer clothing. What about clothing for non-jean occasions such as maybe a wedding, a baby shower, a more formal celebration or church function?

  8. I have watched this video several times. It brought home to me that this is how I had always dressed. Having downsized we had pared down and I got caught up with the capsule wardrobe trend, it confused and harassed me so much. When I sorted out my clothes with your method it felt so good and so organised. Mix and match is still possible within the groups but it is so easy. Also I now dress almost always in some sort of trousers and most capsules are a mixture of clothes most of which I no longer need. I am an older follower! Many thanks, regards from Scotland, Jean

  9. Agree with everything! Living in Canada I like to stick to basics like plain tanks and tees that I can wear with shorts in the summer and layer the rest of the year. I try to only buy things I love and would absolutely regret not getting later!

  10. Thank you for this motivating video!

  11. I love your videos. What you say make so much sense, yet there are ares I feel you leave out and I have so many questions! I got the professional / home / dineout outfits. But what about sportswear, swimsuits/snowsuits, party dress or gown. Don't you own at least some of it?

  12. Happy to see some boot cut jeans in a video! I wish it was easier to find boot cut in stores so good to know about Express, thanks! I know skinny jeans are in style but I've never felt confident in them, I just don't find them as flattering as boot cut. I'm eagerly waiting for boot cut to come back in style haha!

  13. Great tips!!

  14. I don't like to layer either 😄

  15. Have you went over personal products? How many hair styling tools do you have. How do you go about limiting products. How much makeup do you keep on hand. Between kids female adult male adult how many shower products do you have. How do you store extras of things toilet paper body wash. How many towels do you have?

  16. Thank you for watching! For those who have asked, the rain boots are from Marshall's and the grey vest is from Amazon https://amzn.to/2EvSTgp (affiliate link 😉

  17. Love your videos, and your outfits all look great!!

  18. A lot of people don't follow the washing instructions on their clothes. Most clothes do better if you dry them on low or don't put them in the dryer at all.
    Kathy B.
    P. S. That's why their clothes fall apart faster.

  19. You would think that by now in my 50's I would know what my style is. I am not one to jump on to the latest fads! So… it makes it hard sometimes for me. Shoes are hard too. Plus I just don't like shopping. I am short and pants are either too long or too short. I am in between. But I love your ideas and will be going through my wardrobe soon and plan to implement some of these ideas. Thanks!

  20. Can you please do a quick video on how you dress while you are at home? Where did you purchase some of those vest? Thanks

  21. Mere of all Trades

    Fellow Minnesotan here! I really like your videos. I think your idea of a simplified but not capsule wardrobe is perfect. I have also been trying to select quality pieces and just not have as many items in my closet. I definitely haven't gotten down as far as you have yet but this video makes for good inspiration.

  22. Crystal The Minimalist Cat Mom

    Great video, love your style. I used to follow project 333 and do 33 items every season, but I gave up on the numbers game and just keep what I wear the most often in my closet and store my opposite season of clothing in a suitcase. Before I found minimalism I would store my huge amount of clothes in those rubbermaid tubs and just go through them each time I had a weight loss or feel like I could let go of more. I went from 3 tubs down to keeping only a couple "skinny items" for goal pieces. Of course when you hang on to stuff for so long it does end up either going out of style or coming back into style lol!

  23. you amaze me how you trigger questions in me and make me feel I am allowed… I love jeans.. and wear them to work constantly but WITH GUILT that is not appropriate. I can wear whatever I want just plan it and dress it up! watching your videos is like having someone to give me permission! lol permission to wear jeans to work, permission to not fold laundry, permission to just simplify without the guilt…. thanks.

  24. Thank you for this video! I am also short-4'11"- and have settled for clothes that weren't the best looking on me. i've fallen in the trap of buying thrifted clothes that were cheap, but not practical for my life.

  25. Great video thanks for sharing 💛🌼💐

  26. Annlaug Maria Tolo

    I agree! Since simplifying getting dressed, laundry, packing and unpacking has become a tenth of the chore it used to be!

  27. This is all great info. I've been doing the same thing: figuring out the "categories" of my life and limiting the clothing for each one (with some overlap). One consideration is to know where your clothing is coming from. Is the fabric ethically sourced and is it ethically made. (i.e., limiting the pollution from the factories and no sweatshops). I'm just coming into researching this and don't have all the answers but it's one more factor to consider.

  28. New viewer! You are in style now with your jeans. Bootcut,wide leg, skinny all in stlye again🤩

  29. At any weight I’ve been (and it is a LOT of different sizes) I’ve always had trouble buying jeans. The last time i bought several pairs of really stupid expensive jeans they didnt hold up at all. I bought jeans from walmart recently and love them!!

  30. Those rain boots 😍!

  31. I would love a home tour too! How do you do a nice cream rug in the living room with kids?? Any tips?

  32. Did you make your coffee table?
    Would love to see a house tour too…need some motivation!