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24 × 38 north house modular kitchen designs

furniture kitchen design ideas


  1. Andalusia Furniture

    nice 👍

  2. I am speechless

  3. minimalist

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  5. I am sooooooooooo in love with these modern kitchens. I have got a few Brownstones/Townhouses, that I am having redone and these kitchens have given me, some awesome ideas. I would love to contact some of these kitchen designers and have them redo ALL the kitchens, of the properties, that I am renovating. Thanks for posting.

  6. Forget the kitchens – cut out the damn "music" which would drive off the most ardent fan. Why folks think they must include such tripe is beyond me.

  7. Uddanda Lalitha Kumari

    Very nice

  8. lovey kitchen designs really superrb

  9. Perfect showcase of modern design, with the exception of the irritating music.

  10. please rply

  11. kitna kharch ho jata h kitchen par maximum

  12. Whats the song called?

  13. Beautiful kitchens ***

  14. too commercial and cold like nobody's lives there

  15. soo beautiful

  16. Amazing colors… waaaww

  17. Samantha Constable

    Constantly changing slide effects make viewers dizzy. Less (or better yet) none is best.

  18. good if you have a mansion for a house

  19. Super jolie

  20. Owen David Gillespie

    great picture choices>the music motivation kind of makes me want to go in my kitchen and cook it good>cook it well>cook until I just can't cook anymore~

  21. I like it beautiful

  22. I like it beautiful

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