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  1. For everyone that has been asking where to buy good futons outside of Japan, I found a place that sells authentic hand-made Japanese futons abroad. These are actually 100% cotton so they are the real deal: https://goo.gl/iOhUf4

  2. Amazing!!!

  3. 恵理 / 爱梨 石工 / 梅森

    This home is goals.

  4. Nicole Kaushanski

    Hi Tara, I love your videos! I saw that you have a shoe spray and I use all your recipes from your cleaning products video and I'm wondering if you mention anywhere how you make your shoe spray? I really want to find a good natural recipe to keep my shoes nice! Thank you so much for your help!

  5. I love your house it's so cute and impressively Clean considering the lack of storage space btw love video ✌️

  6. What do you need an oil diffuser for

  7. Do you speak Japanese?

  8. I love this one better

  9. Hi Tara, it's been a year since my last comment, I often reference your videos for inspiration & motivation. My question to you is, did it take awhile to adjust sleeping on the futon? I am moving soon and am considering purchasing one. I reviewed the comments but did not come across one that spoke about comfort or perhaps the benefit. Thank you for your videos, they provide great information and inspiration.

  10. I love this! very comfortable and simple.

  11. Wow great! Very inspirational.

  12. can i come live with you? lol! great job, looks faaaab!!

  13. Margarita Kulyapina

    You have a lot of Muji items. I live the brand myself, so I applaud your choice!

  14. like this apartment so much more!!!!! 😀

  15. _seaweed _crown_

    Your home is very beautiful!

  16. Why is everything in Japanese homes made of that gross cream coloured plastic? I have seen several japanese home tours and they all have this.

  17. I recently discovered this style of living, and i have to say that i absolutely love it

  18. I'm jealous, I want to be a minimalist but I can't let go of my vintage tots and dolls ??.

  19. Đức Thịnh Đào

    I would like to move into this house

  20. Rita .Sassatelli

    I do love Asian homes because they are multifunctional and very well thought. Yours is even more being a minimalist. But I do love it.

  21. This one is my favorite of the two.

  22. why is your sink not separate from the toilet?

  23. I like the small and efficient Japanese appliances and will be replacing mine (when no longer working) with them.

  24. BargainBasement Lunatic

    What size refrigerator is that? Thanks

  25. I would not the iron at the bottom.

  26. Veggie Magnifique

    Earth paste! Wooohoo! Have you tried Uncle Harry's? It's from the NW of the States, but it's my absolute favorite. It's got clay and sea salt and essential oils. Also — I love how your apt is nice and long. We live (my partner and I) in 26 sq. meters in Paris, so it was inspiring to see how you organized things — ours is a work in progress. 🙂

  27. I also bought a table from ikea and sawed off the legs. Nice thing about the US, Home Depot does it free.

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