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  1. We are currently seeking mortgage approval to buy our first home! Wish us luck! Loving your videos about the house. You have similar interior style to me I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I’ll be nicking some ideas for my home! 😁

  2. Marble tiles are a very different look to the rustic/antique blue grey . Your home will be a mix of modern and not .

  3. Is plastered walls common in the UK? In America, most of our walls are done with drywall, then painted. I’ve actually never seen interior walls be plastered! Seems much more sturdy, but also way more expensive I’d imagine. Excited to follow along on your home reno journey!

  4. Kate, sorry I'm binge watching your videos now i have been visiting family .. the kitchen tiles are similar to mine and i curse them every day lol i would go wood or a darker tile and the hall tile with the design is just beautiful i love it .. you have great vision . It looks like it's an older period home try keep it similar but modernize it if you know what i mean .. good luck

  5. Love these moving in vlogs! really exciting 🙂 i just want to say, i had my house done with an extension and the whole downstairs is open planned. we are hoping to get some double doors to close off one of the rooms to the kitchen but i personally think open plan living is the best, especially for downstairs! i reckon if you knocked down the wall between the kitchen/hallway? i think it was, then i think that would look beautiful but your choice, obvs!xx

  6. Seven Kids and Crazy

    Love the porch tiles, we went for wood effect tiles in ours. So easy to clean and hard wearing.

  7. How do you afford the rent , mortgage and the renovation all at the same time?? Cannot wait to see it finished ❤️

  8. I 100% love those tiles for your porch!!! We tiles ours and it has been the best idea so far! We used water resistant grout which means buddy shoes and water won't be a problem!

    So excited for your renovations! Reminds me so much of our experience. Xx

  9. Aww I’m loving watching your journey with your lovely new home. I’m looking forward to buying my first home in the new year and can’t wait to make my Pinterest dreams real! 💕

  10. Andrea Hidalgo Lujan

    Rikki is such a trooper! He has gotten so much better at vlogging even though its not his "job". The effort is appreciated. As always, a great vlog from you, Kate!

  11. Loving the updates. It’s always mad how long everything takes and it’s good to show the whole process. 😀

  12. Jessica-Madeleine Green

    antique style tile giving me LIFEEEE

  13. Looking amazing and looks like such a lovely big space to play about with can’t wait to see more xx

  14. Love these updates x

  15. Have you considered opening the hallway and kitchen and then having big double doors into the sitting room so you still get a kitchen big enough for a island and can be opened into the sitting room with the option of closing to reduce sound? When renovating our house we chose to open up the stairwell as well like you want to but it makes it a lot more difficult to keep the room warm as the heat is lost up the stairs. Looks amazing so far though can't wait to see the bathroom finished xx

  16. I can’t wait to see it finished! I love decor. Is it much bigger than your old house ?

  17. It's a landing upstairs rather than hallway.

  18. I love seeing these updates, you have done so much in such a short space of time! How is the packing of your current house coming along? Please do a packing/organising video!

  19. I'm loving following your renovation! You've done so much in such a short space of time. Can't wait for the next video lovely xxx

  20. Your new home is coming on a treat Kate x

  21. Sophisticated Momma

    Hi Kate I agree with you on a beautiful kitchen island, you have done your kitchen lovely at moment so maybe you could leave that all intact and push out from the garden wall and living room wall to add on a big open plan living area instead and then you can get your island, sounds great! Love your renovation videos that is also my passion/dream too. TFS😍👍 P.S. Your house is lovely.

  22. Hi, where are the porch tiles from?

  23. Wondered where you bought your kitchen units from? x

  24. It’s beautiful, the only thing could annoy me is that the upstairs hallway window isn’t central to the walls 😩 I can’t wait to see it all finished, you going to do such an amazing job xxxx

  25. Bethany Louise Davidson


  26. 🙋🏼‍♀️ something to think about (tiles ) this is my dilemma,will the tiles look out of date in 5 years ,make sure the grout has sealant in ( night mare to keep the grout white and clean ) anyone have answers lol

  27. Open kitchen with island…DEFINATELY😊 have done this twice now and never regretted it…so sociable and handy for the extra space you gain! Plus the island is amazing for wrapping all your xmas presents on (saves the back strain) and awesome for playing table tennis whenever you may feel the need! House is looking good and can’t wait to see it finished ❤️ ps: the vintage looking floor tiles are beautiful x

  28. You both are doing such a great job, well done.

  29. Had you thought about knocking the wall down between the kitchen and that extra big hallway bit? Then you could have a huge kitchen (with an island!) that is separate from the other two rooms. Or eventually you could turn one of the side rooms into a big kitchen, have the middle space as a dining room, and the other side room as a living room. Love watching these vlogs!

  30. Love love love the antique 'possible' porch/hall tile. Go for it!! You'll regret it if you stick to something plainer and wish you'd been a bit more daring at the time. Lisa Patton

  31. Definitely live in the space and see how it flows, besides making it nice enough to move into and feel like home there’s no rush. I feel like I need to see floor plans 😂. Tiles look amazing and let’s face it you either really do marble or you just don’t! Look at iamchoquette ….her bathroom is massively marble and looks😗. I totally love how it’s coming along and what I love about you is….this is all totally relatable, you’re just the same as us. X

  32. Your dream kitchen will come in time. With your talent your temporary kitchen will be stylish. Well done! xx