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  1. 20L for 1200sqft with interior I don't believe you are telling truth in fact my brother built 1100sqft house with compound and bore eb and interior got 25L came at the end of work

  2. Mariammal Selvakumar

    Hall size anna mam

  3. Mam ipo available iruka indha house.. Can u share ur contact number man I Need ths house mam

  4. Sivagami sukumar

    House facing yentha thisai?

  5. It must be at least 25 lakhs

  6. அக்கா சூப்பர் வீடு இந்த வீடு அகலம் அப்புறம் நீளம் சொல்லுங்க அக்கா நான் இதே மாதிரியான வீடு கட்டனும் ரொம்ப நாள் கனவு அக்கா

  7. Santhi Ramakrishnan

    1 square 2000 cost so how can possible this rate

  8. Power& Authority

    Everything is nice except tiles in the hall .. it has a bathroom look more than living room

  9. which place mam

  10. Where is the housr

  11. Entha veddu doda plan link anupuamudiyuma mam

  12. Sis indha veetoda plan Podunga please enku helpful ah irukum

  13. Ple u r phone no send me akka falls celling pathei sollugga akka ple

  14. Location

  15. Pl inform the contact no. Of the Engineer

  16. Cost could be more than 20lacks

  17. Super very nice

  18. Nanumm home kattanum 20 lk LA so niga kattuvigala

  19. Krishnagiri location la intha cost la pana mudiuma

  20. Kitchen door work evlo aatchu mam…

  21. Really total cost is only 20 lakhs

  22. Bulder namper sand

  23. akka I want to build same like this will u construct for me pls

  24. mam can u suggest home in thiruninravur…

  25. Planning for plot size 2400sqft at 10 lac
    Can suggest places nearby Chennai to buy

  26. Without Land cost ah madam??

  27. Mam how much sq ft hall room kitchen bathroom and all

  28. just information s

    Super home

  29. First floor 20 laks adhigam dhan.. kadakal eduka main gf dha adhigam selavu agum.. first floor ivlo adhigam dhan.. 1200sqft 3 floors 30 or 35 laks kula katalam..

  30. Send me a engineer number sissy

  31. Intha veedu kidaikuma

  32. 20Lac kudutha ithe mathiri enakku katti tharuvingala


  34. what is total labour cost…please reply..if it is in per sqft labour..what is labor cost persqft

  35. Supar

  36. House is nice but video is very very slow no detail


    Chancea illa samayya irukku veedu

  38. Which area please send contact number

  39. Location please .terrace?


    All tiles are KAG tiles

  41. Ellama seta 20 laks a madam

  42. Is interior decoratin is 20 lakh or the house price is 20 lakh ?

  43. 20 lakhs தானா…நம்பவே முடியல mam… Details send பண்ண முடியுமா? Coimbatore ல கட்டித் தருவார்களா?