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NEVER TOO SMALL ep.21 25sqm Tiny Apartment – 379 Queens Road

Architects and interior designers PMDL Architecture + Design have recently completed a renovation of a 1960s five storey walk-up building on one of Hong Kong Island’s busiest thoroughfares. The building consists of five apartments above retail at ground level. Each apartment, with an area of 25m2, is designed around a service wall which implies a subdivision of the apartment while not minimising sense of space. http://www.pmdl.com.au/

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Produced by https://newmac.co
Creator: Colin Chee
Director: James McPherson
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Camera: James Goldman
Editor: Colin Chee

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  1. Bathroom right next to the kitchen? Doesn't sound like a good idea. Rest is all good.

  2. Nice design. Now sell it at 20 million a pop

  3. I'm wondering if the architec lives in 25 f… sqm, or he was just there for the facewashing of this f… hole.

  4. Here in indonesia 21sqm could become 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 livingroom, a bit space for kitchen and hang up your laundry… But not as good as this. This is awesome👍

  5. But that view is depressing as hell !!

  6. Ну вот сразу видны со всех щелей прущие нищеебные, рабские мечты моссада🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Долбаебов учить, все равно что бисер перед свиньями метать. "Обычный" дом не значит нищий для рабов. Не значит что дом будет в бетонном многоэтажном курятнике. Это будет обычный деревянный дом 200м, одноэтажный, бревно большой диаметр, на огромном лесном участке у воды (20 000-30 000 гектар, и река с чистой питьевой водой), с полностью автономными системами жизнеообеспечения, ледником, овощным складом, погребом в цоколе. К дому будет примыкать так же плодовый сад гектар на 100. Но все воротить я буду ТОЛЬКО после выполнения ВСЕХ условий моссадом.

  7. Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    This is gonna be the new norm in metro area around the world pretty soon. High cost of living , stagnant wage , inflation. More people but less land. Nobody will be able to afford a house any more unless you live in boonie.

  8. F**k that can you imagine living there!? You would develop some serious anxiety and mental problems. Move further out away from just concrete it isn't healthy

  9. I rather live in a prison…more space, honestly

  10. How is 25sqm tiny???? I live on 14… LOL

  11. Krazy Cat - Channel

    Looks luxury for a small place

  12. If only London was like this

  13. You have done an amazing job with this

  14. Never too small, thats my moto

  15. Jason Tuscaloosa


  16. 25 sqm in Hong Kong? Must be 5000 Dollar a month

  17. No freaking way. My wife and I live in 2600 sq ft home and it’s not big enough. Lol

  18. I'm going to presume this newly renovated sustainable housing is still like $2000/month because niche. 😩

  19. That seems claustrophobic but in a good way. 🤔 When can I move in?

  20. The tv is too close of him

  21. Looks like Sheldon Cooper in the thumbnail

  22. Why anyone would want to live in a city that crowded that you need to live in a outgrown fridge is a mystery to me.

  23. Wow I love it that's an ideal flat for anyone

  24. New York, 25sqm apartment for rent, utilities not included, $1,100 a month, first and last upfront.

  25. Never too small doesn't seem to apply to your tv.

  26. Adaptive reuse is the way to go!

  27. ピクセルレイ

    YouTube: 25m2 TINY apartment
    Japan: hold my sushi

  28. nicely done!!!

  29. A fart is enough to gas the whole apartment.

  30. Thats what I told my girlfriend

  31. Would be nice to have such a big flat

  32. Love the idea of installing windows across the entirety of the wall but theres no place to sit down and have a meal..

  33. I would date him…I bet he brings Girls Home and they say small. Until he pulls it out and dicks them down…oh daddy you so big!

  34. And how much does this cost? :s, Wah only 5 units?

  35. Florian Schatter

    2800 Euros of rent… Hong Kong is just crazy!

  36. Now I know how to survive my hardcore minecraft world with style, thanks guys!

  37. I’m from Brooklyn NY so I know what it’s like to live in tiny apartments. But I ended up in Kansas and bought a 4 bedroom house with a finished basement, garage, fenced backyard. And the mortgage is 680 a month. It’s not my dream home but it definitely made it impossible to go back to a tiny apartment, regardless of location lol