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NCC Maple Heights- Interior Designing [Final Update]

The final update of the interior work that was going on in NCC Maple heights for the past couple of months. Looks like it was worth the wait.

We took up the complete interior designing contract for the house – basically turn-key.

Foyer Area
Foyer area has been divided by the plinth and columns and had to be decorated in order to cover up the projections. On the right side is the full length panel with grooves and glass shelves of around 6″ depth which can be used to place lamps and other items. The top of the plinth is also covered with wooden panel and it continues down to a glass partition that creates a separation between the living room and foyer. In the bottom is the shoe rack with drawers and openable shutters. The orange colored wallpaper makes sure that space doesn’t feel out of place.

Living Room
The living room has a wide opening into the dining room and the open kitchen. The main wall in the living room features a small portion with stone stacking tiles which is lit indirectly by the LED strips hidden underneath the wooden panel shaped in a L shape carrying ledges for showcase item storage. The opposite wall is painted with a texture paint.

Dining Room
Dining room has a violetish tint with the wall being painted in a crimson texture and the false ceiling painted in a similar paint. The wall near the window is cladded with the stacking stones and has a jazzed up bar unit with the perimeter lit with LED strip lights. The spotlights added to the false ceiling drop down nice umbra on the stacking stones and adjacent walls adding to the effect.

Kitchen is finished with the glossy laminates of white and black currant color. The breakfast counter creates a nice partition between the kitchen and the living room. The tall unit inside the kitchen consumes close to 30% of the storable items inside the kitchen.

Guest Bedroom
Guest bedroom has a floating ceiling with a back support for a 46″ TV and a ledge to keep electronic devices. The room also has a 3 door wardrobe with adjoining study corner with study lights in order to make sure it becomes an independent study unit.

Kids Bedroom
A lot of work has gone into making the kids bunker bed. The bunker bed is close to 10′ in length and the panels had to be joined in order to cater to that length; an invisible metal framing is done in order to support the weight and has been covered up with the gloss laminate backed by the wood on top of the metal framework. The bunker bed has study area on top with retractable table top and book storage. Underneath the bunker bed is where a movable bed has been kept and a small storage is featured under the steps otherwise the same space would have been wasted.

Master Bedroom
Master bedroom has a gray-black wardrobe with sliding doors and a painted glass featured on it. On the top is an unusual loft with top opening shutter and baskets which can hold the quilt and other bedding items.

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