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  1. Ideal.Public. Library

    Password my send

  2. Anyone know any good free software

  3. i dont want to call it a bad software but from the stuff i saw in this video and some others, i would say that the sims 3 is a better home desighn software than this, and its not even meant to be one.

  4. sims 3lol

  5. you cant build circles

  6. thats cos you have to right click on it and select 'run as administrator' i had the same problem.

  7. @yOURgOODpAL in sims can you build any design you want like circular buildings, different style materials, roofs etc. or are there set things in it?

  8. i love it , thanks for help us !!

  9. This program is SHIT… Because i almost forgot about it 😀
    I love thism, ill redownload it for the third time, maybe? XD
    I have it, on and off.

  10. great job 🙂

  11. dude mine says that i need to update it, but when i do it says that it "cannot download updates.Check permissions and restart." what do i do!!!??? 🙁

  12. @TheHarris78 – More then likely, it's CAMTASIA from Techsmith…seeing as that's the most popular PC based screen recording. Not sure what the popular MAC alternative is..

  13. what's the name of the recording software ur using

  14. @thijsisf1fan id rather have it the other way around cuz this game doesn look fun lol

  15. @thijsisf1fan why not buy sims3, its like playing dolls, anyways, its coming to a consol, as of Xbox Playstation and 3DS

  16. It takes a lot of time downloading each object, is it normal

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