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My Small (not tiny) house – 30 x 30 First Floor Walk Through

First Floor walk through of the small house I designed in the dream world were I have land and can do what I want. The structural design is meant to be cost effective due to scale, layout of piping, etc.
As you walk though a few things to point out.
The house floor space is 30 x 30.
Main room is 17 x 29.
Note this walk through removes the ceilings and upper rooms over the first floor for easy viewing.
Glass doors and windows in kitchen and living room fold like accordions to open the entire wall up. Google “Nanawall Images” to get an idea.
Entrance way has built in shoe storage for low shoes and boots with a top “chest” openings to put gloves, scarves, etc.

The first floor walk through shows all the doorways and pantry without doors.
Except the only closed door under the stairs. That is the wine storage, yep a 4 x 5 room with 8 foot ceilings for wine storage at a consistent temperature.
Wood stove heated – duct work not show but accounted for.
All the plumbing is in one section to reduce piping needs.
Roof is not shown – but connects to porch roof. Angled down to let in winter sun but reduce summer sun and thus cooling costs. Nanawall allows for full airflow in warmer months, in the PNW this is possible due drastic difference of “biting” bugs as compared to east coast during daylight hours.
The materials and colors are representative but are not exact, its a free program I am limited on choices. Also materials would likely be adjusted for cost if necessary. I.E Tile versus stone showers to afford the Nanawall.
Thanks Mom for spending Thanksgiving helping me figure this out.

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  1. Adkins Mikkelsen

    I can make it myself. Just got instructions from WoodPrix website and I'm ready for do it 😀

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