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Apartment Tour Playlist – https://goo.gl/Kj8A9o

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FTC: This video is sponsored by Nvidia.

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  1. Where did the Popcorn thing go!!! 🍿 😂

  2. Clean the floor of ur shower 🤢

  3. You should put some plants or artificial ones. You should also put very few vibrant colors to give emphasis in a perspective.

  4. I sometimes like to just … lay on the floor… haha i feel you bro

  5. emmanuel sebalj

    Nice house man, it´s pretty cool. What do you work??

  6. This mans definitely does not drink wine

  7. Modern = white

  8. Rich guy

  9. Sebastian Mendo Lopez

    Wow Hope some day I can have a place like that! One advice you should put some plants 😉

  10. Nice Apartment and the minimalist is good. I’d recommend for some plants.. good place to keep private, just wondering if your allowed to cook bbq outside in the balcony. If yes, 100% perfect! 😅

  11. //-Swiggity Swooty-\

    How much does this cost a month?

  12. Victoria represent ! lol

  13. Don't Americans have integrated appliances over there? The fridges, freezers and dishwashers are always exposed…

  14. Is this downtown Vancouver near Robson Street?

  15. Where did you get your rug in the living room?

  16. I love your apt. btw, you are handsome.

  17. heyyyy!! AMAZING HOME!! and very very COOL!! by the way, where can I find your side table from your bedroom?? thanks 😀

  18. crib, warrior

  19. Mmm a corona type of guy

  20. Rich Asian kids smh🥺😭😭

  21. Armand Charland

    0:24 Mitch Marner scoring on the bluejackets

  22. Where is the light that says hype from?

  23. not sure u've rent or bought it…but it's not worth it if u rent…

  24. Franklin Kirera

    Great living space bro….I'm inspired to clean up mine. I'll be contacting you for ideas and stuff. Greetings from Kenya

  25. Justin, this is awesome.. I feel motivated…All the way from KENYA

  26. honestly, LOVE the ideas you are giving me for the future place i will live in

  27. I have seen a lot of minimalistic living spaces but so far yours takes the cake when it comes to a complete and utter lack of personality. I'd rather live on top of a giant pile of garbage of my own design, than an empty looking house sparsely furnished with memes, i.e. things chosen for me based on their popularity. Don't you ever look around and feel like a stranger in your own home? There is literally nothing of "you" in there. Your actual bedroom being the guest bedroom is the perfect allegory for that, you've subconsciously chosen to be a visitor in your own home, because you don't feel at home.

  28. Crib

  29. The cleanest Dude apartment I've ever seen in all of my 100 years of living, lol. Love it!!

  30. Life of Carolyn

    Wow LOVE THIS!! I'm hoping to do an apartment tour soon on my channel to get it started!!

  31. Class vid bro

  32. No smart mirror?

  33. This is the best and my fav modern house tour ever.

  34. Hi Justin, You've got a really lovely apartment!!!

  35. Your apartment would look nice with some plants like a monstera or bird of paradise 😁

  36. Where is the gear cart from?

  37. That 'water station' just kills me, and hundreds of turtles. Just use a refillable bottle, will save money and the planet.

  38. Do u really need 3 chairs? Just have on with wheels and move it where u need it at the time

  39. Nice, what's the opening song by the way?

  40. Why I always saw Kold this youtuber videos!

  41. Ynan’s Fire AF

    Think I can guess ur favourite word that you ‘miscellaneously’ said throughout the video