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  1. I wanted to see the house not your stupid decorations and furniture. Terrible!!'

  2. Do u have berm bath

  3. beautiful

  4. now if only i could solve the mystery of FUCKING GETTING FURNITURE THROUGH A DOOR

  5. Though not spacious it's cute and pleasing to the eye.Kudos….

  6. Why the heck r you showing mostly your furniture

  7. So Beautiful ❤️

  8. Nice. Wonderful you helped me a lot

  9. done beautifully.

  10. I Love Love Love those Colors.

  11. This is Cute & Good Taste.

  12. Cozy and tasteful also one of my favourite colour schemes

  13. Is that a classy lock???

  14. Sarah Frances Di Thomas

    no bedroom, no bathroom, no kitchen?

  15. How many times have you or your husband knocked over the arrangement in the entry? I know I'd knock it over every time I came in. It's cute but potentially hazardous. Also, I'd put a larger rug in your living space. Something to keep the feet warm while you're sitting. The vase and dried flower arrangement is attractive. Consider putting it on its own shelf — a floating shelf perhaps. Overall, very nice. Better than I could do. Hope you are living happily ever after in your home….

  16. It's so beautiful. You did a lovely job with such a small area.Good decorating.

  17. Oww beautiful decoration

  18. I love tiny houses but mine wld at the least wld b 750 Sq ft

  19. This is only 300 sq feet without kitchen. Where is your bedroom?

  20. Bhupendra wankhede


  21. Spicy Peanut Butter Onion

    800 square feet is actually bigger than I thought…

  22. If you built this, may I ask how much? I ask because I bought an 1,100 square foot home for fifty k. This was in '94. I swear it was a nice neighborhood, walking distance to a mansion, a park, church etc. The yard needed work. There was a hideous awning and the kitchen needed renovating. I bring this up because of all the carbon footprint statements. I always felt renovating an existing home was more environmentally friendly, but it might be way cheaper to build.

  23. Love, Love your presentation, just BEAUTIFUL

  24. Cute living space! Love the setup! Especially adding those touches, the places you visited 🙂

  25. This is incredible! Forget what they say. Did y'all build it yourselves? I'm fixin to do so over this summer.