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Mrs Parvathi – Interiors [Final Update] – Full Home Interior Decoration

Latest #Interior #designs we have done at Salarpuria greenage, Bangalore..
Usage of extraordinary materials and colors in simple yet unique manner is what that is owned by this #homedecor and #interiors of this house.

This house interiors is surely incomparable and reflects more of a urban living style. The entire home is designed with rich and soothing color palattes to maintain the uniformity throughout.

Dual storage area, Cute and bumpy white #stonecladding in the #foyer #interiors gives you that rich feel that you are stepped into a paradise of designs.
#kidsbedroom and entrance of #kitchen #interiors are just like a feather on the hat for the entire house.

Be it #TVunit, #ceiling #designs, #poojaunit and lot more, you can better understand through this video..

Keep reading, enjoy our designs..!!

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  1. April Carolyn C. Lavado

    I dislike the interior design. Uggh!

  2. Everything is so perfect but that cylinder is bothering me

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  4. At what price I can design my dream house and plese tell the contact details

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  6. Wow very nice. this one

  7. Not that impressive. Sorry about that. But it's about being honest.

  8. i just liked the hall and kitchen

  9. they didnt find a room for the cyliner???

  10. great style

  11. it's nice. but I see only white, beige, n brown in all the houses. no colors

  12. u just need to have expensive things in home

  13. Women need to stop saying stuff that makes it sound like the lady of the house is the one who has to cook. for the love of good decide what you want.

  14. tasteless shit to me, nothing special yet or even cosy. and the accent is unbearable.

  15. Bonito designs..How can contact with you

  16. nice home

  17. doddipatla sai siddardha

    what is the cost of that total house i want to buy that one can u plz tell me

  18. in how many cents was that house constructed



    i have gone through this video where my imagination/creativity in mind makes you a picture in live…
    thank you…

  20. Sounds like they memorized it.

  21. i liked everything except the Pooja room in guest house…i have never seen Pooja room in bed room

  22. already i finished our home but we have interest to living room interior designs pls .

  23. very beautiful ??????

  24. Beautiful decoration

  25. very nice home

  26. i am a designer too.its good too see your work.i did have no idea there is such a good designer in india .in fact i did not understand what you were saying but your work speak for itself …

  27. fazool ghar itni zyada cheezen andar daali hui hyn best room me bed k saamny wall k opr paainting

  28. omkariny kasaudhana

    could you please give me any idea about the cost of Mrs Parvathi flat in total?

  29. can u plz send me.. this house exact pictures… please reply

  30. Hey In the video at 1.44/7.44(time), where do i find the similar lamination for the pillars In bangalore

  31. Hey in the video at 2.49/7.44(time). where do i get this color lamination for kitchen

  32. What lovely designs 🙂

  33. whats this. the living room good. but bedroom and kitchen catastrof. ?

  34. It would have been nicer if you used real stone instead of faking it with wallpaper

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