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Mr. Varun & Sushmitha’ s home | Interior Design | Sai Vandana Brundavan | Sarjapur Road | Bangalore

Home tour of Mr. Varun & Sushmitha, 2bhk apartments, Sai Vandana Brundavan at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

#foyerinteriors in balcony: We have come up with light shades of interiors throughout the foyer to create the sense of pleasing look which will complement the lighting very well. This space has #shoecabinets with #drawers and #storage. #Ledges above the #shoecase to accommodate any planted pots and #stoneclad wall to ensure that the look is complete.

#Living room interiros The lving room has been made to look well composed and pleasant due to the theme followed throughout. #Laminate shade has been maintained throughout the #livingarea. On top of that, it has been well lit with cove lightings on the panels on both sides to illuminate the space very well.

#PoojaUnit: Stone cladding has been used in different places so as to create the uniformity or carry out the theme so well. The whole pooja unit is made of #wood with #CNC cutting design. Also platforms to hold the idols.

#DiningArea: This space has been utislised so well that the crcokery and the dining table sits well without creating any conjestion. The #crockeryunit has clear view #display so that it can be used for both the storage and #display purpose.

#KitchenInteriors: The kitchen follows black and white theme. Right from the #tandemdrawers to #Topshelves to #ledge to the #Backsplash

#Masterbedroom Interiors: A strict style of minimalism has been executed for this bedroom. It has followed white with dark brown theme throughout. Small and cute #Tvunit with a #back panel and seating area along with storage that has cute knobs to create a wonderful appeal. Apart from that the centre of attraction will be the #two-door #slider #wardrobe that has been installed in a very compact way and the #headboard with #covelighting

#BedroomInteriors A compact bedroom with well balanced theme maintained throughout is the elgance of this bedroom. It has #sliderwardrobe sandwiched with mirror and #dresser , #ledge like foldable study unit. The false ceiling here follows different shapes so as to emphasize the look and feel of the room.

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  2. Too much lights hope the owner doesn't get heartache while paying bills ?

  3. really love watching your videos 🙂

    by the way, what's the name of your agent? 😀 she's pretty.

  4. u did not design washroom?

  5. Do you work out in tirunelveli??

  6. super madam

  7. super madam

  8. sofe come bed

  9. I really want to appreciate Bonito for this beautiful interior decoration . I want to know whether you will provide the materials or not

  10. Hi All, I am owner of this flat unfortunately i am moving to hyderabad for better opportunity and the flat is available for rent . Any Queries call me 9590861418 for bangalore residents only?

  11. guys watch savdhan india

  12. one thing i notice in your designs are too much lighting like a hotel room not energy efficient and a high maintainance design like a hotel room no feeling like home???

  13. he haves very simple house I can say political have better than this so small even nowadays a builder's have bigger house than this

  14. awesome

  15. with interior design you also made all the furniture???

  16. i liked it…..can you tell me what is cost of this 2 bhk???

  17. I love your interior design

  18. direct light along with TV ….don't you have common sense

  19. Niranjani Annadurai

    It's very nice…. I hv viewed lot of interiors….. Especially pooja segment s awesome… & good idea too

  20. can u provide CNC cutting partition which can also slide(when u need more space during function at home) is it available in market

  21. Do you also operate in Hyderabad? Loved your design..

  22. price of it

  23. extremely ordinary designing. only a fool would pay a bomb for a designer to do this simple job.
    even worse, the presenter's vocabulary. atleast prepare a script of what adjectives to use and not stick to naive words like 'nice', ' pleasent' and 'amazing'.

  24. pros: the wall table in the room is very good.having a divided section for puja is a nice idea, but it's too closed and small, considering the space available in the room it could be more open. the cabinets on the walls are nice, they would save space and also keep the house more organised.

    cons: the puja room is too suffocating and feels like prison and it's too small if you want to go in and sit in front of the puja platform and also it must be built in a private room and not in the hall.
    the light beside TV is very bad idea, as when you watch TV, the light beside it irritates the vision and it's very disrupting. Kitchen has too many different patterns which makes it a mess. hall curtains are very ugly, room curtains are beautiful, but they are not good for the space, as the space is too small, these thick and coarse curtains are not fitting the rooms .very simple,thiner and light colour curtains would be very good. another thing about curtains is curtains of the rooms must be different from the ones in other parts of the house. putting same curtain everywhere in the house is very wrong and a bad idea.
    wooden Shoe rack in balcony is not very nice idea, as the balcony is open and rainstorm can come inside any time and damage the wood and make a big mess in there, rain water and dust could penetrate the shoe rack and damage the shoes as well.
    having small basin for the dining area is a good idea, but this place is too small to put such a huge basin there and it makes the whole space look kinda rural than modern.

  25. RAMESH

  26. Who puts direct light along with tv? Dumb!

  27. What i understood is very poor space management. Only lights lights lights. Are you making it showroom?

    Just after the main entering door you have Sofa kept. That means if you are not careful, each time your feet hit on Sofa. Very less distance between TV and Sofa. Bad kitchen too. No space at all. Would you sit under the TV in master bed room. Lol. Nothing is designed beautifully here. Overall it looks like a long train compartment, not home by any means.

  28. what is the price of flat and designing

  29. @Bonito Designs I must say your designs are adorable. I would like to know if you provide service in Patna and Ranchi.

  30. I love the kitchen.. well planed with black n white combination…..??

  31. Jio4G DigitalLife

    who make this house I wanna this types of intirioir in my house plz give me his contact nos soon m waiting thanks

  32. i need to renovate my master bedroom ….plz m confused what to do with the wall back on of the bed …plz suggest something. #AskBonito

  33. hi do you also work out in Delhi . I have a 1100 sq. ft. area  3 BHK what will be the cost of interior designing on the same pattern

  34. i like this if you are do Chennai please tell how to contact you

  35. kya ap greater noida me service dete ho

  36. I would like to see the kitchen storage. I have seen in most of your videos you don't open the cabinets. I wish to see that, if possible

  37. its too good BT u can better…

  38. I will do the same idea

  39. hi sir im majeed khan wall panting working contract im hyderabad plees your contact no mi id panterandpolisher@gmail my YouTube channel majeed khan

  40. Do you work in Gurgaon as well, please confirm.

  41. do you'll operate in Mumbai?

  42. like it i wish you guys were in delhi

  43. Bonito designs.
    just a suggestion, if you could change the lenght of curtain in the living room to full lenght. as you know it gives an imprtion of luxury

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