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Mr. Prashant Gupta’s Duplex House | Interior Design | Habitat Crest | Bangalore

A Walk through the Habitat crest 3 BHK Duplex house which combines the convenience of an apartment and the style of a bungalow!
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Designed by Ankit Jain

#Foyer area design

We have created a foyer using a Designer acrylic with wooden frame partition.We have incorporated storage as well as display areas in the partition. We have decorated the wall with dado tiles.

#Living area design

The wall at the entrance is decorated with a waterfall and plans. Blue lighting is given to highlight the waterfall.We have designed a simple TV unit with bottom cabinets and the wall behind that is decorated with stone cladding.Drop lights and focus lights are designed to lit up the entire wall and TV unit. The false ceiling is a periphery with spot lights and cove lights.The designer light in the ceiling beautifies the living area even more. A partition with display is designed to define the living and the dining area.

#Balcony designs

We have designed a storage unit. A subtle wallpaper on the wall and bold printed sofa lawn carpet grass

#Guest bedroom designs

we have given a simple false ceiling like living area here. The TV unit has bottom cabinets and it is attached to the study table. There is a glass counter top. The overhead cabinets are top lift and with frosted glass shutter. An openable wardrobe in beige coloured glossy laminate is designed which touches the ceiling.The dresser is designed right opposite to the bathroom.A cute little spot light is given above the mirror for better visibility.

#Modular kitchen design

At the entrance, some display ledges are provided to display the lovely plants collection they have.A tall unit with microwave cabinet is designed at one end of the kitchen cabinet followed by tandem box, cutlery unit and shelves. It is a white kitchen with Corian counter top. Acrylic white laminates are used all over.End to end loft is given on top of the overhead cabinets. A well-composed utility area is designed with enough storage space.A breakfast counter is designed with overhead cabinets.

#Dining area decoration

The crockery unit is designed with white and beige coloured laminates.We have designer tiles and focus lights to highlight this unit.We have shelves on either side and drawers in between.An “L” shaped ledge is designed which can be used as a counter. The skirtings from the crockery unit is extended so that we use it as a display area.A periphery with rectangle in between is the false ceiling design.There is a staircase near the dining area which leads us to the floor above.We have incorporated CNC designs on the wall near the staircase.

#Family area design

We have designed a false ceiling which is a compilation of geometrical figures.

#Pooja room design
The door of the pooja room is designed with CNC

#Kids bedroom design

The study unit has a huge book storage area. A CNC partition is designed to define the study area. Dado tiles are placed which has under water theme.Overhead cabinets has both display as well as storage units.The dresser and wardrobes are designed at the passage to the bathroom.The laminates are chosen in a way that the whole room looks brighter.

#Master bedroom design

Its a plain white wardrobe with glossy laminates.The TV unit has 2 long ledges with a drawer at one end. 2 more ledges are provided on top for display.A subtle wallpaper is designed behind the bed. On the passage to the washroom, we have designed a study unit as well as dresser.2 mirrors are incorporated in this area to give a sense of more space.

Project cost : INR 15 to 19 Lakh

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