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Mr. Deepak's Bungalow Interior Design | Complete House | Bonito Designs

The house for today is a massive gorgeous bungalow situated in the serene upscale localities of Yelahanka.
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It is a sprawling 5 Bedroom bungalow.

In the ground floor we have the foyer, living room, the kitchen and the guest bed room.

In the 1st floor we have the Family room, office room and the master room.

The Second floor consists of Parent’s bed room, bar count Party Hall and a home theater.

The outside entrance to the house is marked by a beautiful little waterway.

The Living area is marked by a beautiful TV unit which is made up of an impressive back paneling and ledges. It has cabinets for keeping additional stuffs. Some artefacts on the ledges adds beauty to the already marvellously done TV unit. The spot lights above the TV unit looks like jewels hanging from the sky. There is a huge aquarium between the Foyer and the Living Room. It’s a unique see through aquarium.

There is a unique wall clock situated on the walls of the living room.

This is a masterpiece and a very unique milestone as far as creative representation is concerned. The clove lights and the spot lights of the false ceiling of the living room are just so eye catching.
The chandelier which is a work of art hangs from the ceiling of first floor. One look at the marvelous chandelier and you will be stupefied by its enchanting design and beautifully done lighting work, which is of curved shape and is quite long. The ball shaped lights do give the required beauty to the already beautiful mansion.

The pooja room is another piece of art and architecture. It is made of a long paneled wood work which runs till the second floor. The sunlight falls directly on the wall paneling from the top. There are some fishes in a beautifully made small area that adore the entrance to the pooja room. The whole area is just an excellent combination of beauty and uniqueness.

The kitchen is a single colored and of unique look. The kitchen is bound on three sides. The overhanging lights give an excellent ambience to the over outlook of the kitchen. The graciously done mosaic floor adds to the overall ambience of the kitchen. The red and white color combination is just so contrasting and fits the overall sensitivities of beauty. There is a partition that is well decorated and made out to separate the office room from the family room. The office consists of overhanging wall panels made of wood and has overhanging drawers to carry office stuffs. A beautiful ceiling fan adds to the general ambience.

A beautiful art work on the wall on the way to the living room just adds to the beauty of the whole thing. The staircase throws a sleazy look as it is lined by beautiful lights. Even though the mansion has a modern and creative outlook, there are still some chairs that till date possess a vintage outlook. The whole house has a very positive side to it. Unlike most of the homes, this mansion grows vegetation. There is a splendid and eye-catching vegetable garden on the rooftop of the house that gives a refreshing and soothing feeling.

There is a unique thing about the bed present in the master bed room. The bed is a floating cot with a cushion headboard. There are wooden rafters on each side. The beautiful Liquid glass over the bed is lit by beautifully done clove lights. There are some spot lights as well above the bed area to enhance the general ambiance. The ceiling fan hanging from above the bed gives a soothing touch to the already enhanced ambiance. There is another unique walk-in dresser in the master bed room with sliding door.

The lawn surrounding the mansion can be looked at from the roof top and I promise, you will never like to leave this place and go once you are inside this beautifully made and decorated bungalow. The ethereal beauty and the marvelously done interiors of the house reveals the creative levels of the designers who have designed it.

Project Value : 38 to 42 lakh

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