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  1. The way you guys shoot a video, the editing workflow MUST be unique. I would really love to co-operate with you.

  2. Senhora Jeon Swag

    How much is this mansion ?

  3. Another PHENOMENAL video from LPG!! Absolutely stunning home, and stunningly shot. The shot of the stairs at 2:09 captured as a still would be one helluva artistic photo! I'm assuming somewhere in South Florida, anyone happen to know the address or perhaps have a link to either the listing or a realtors showcase video for the property? I'd DEFINITELY like to see & find out more about this place.

  4. So beautiful. Perfect track 👌

  5. Beautiful home, does price include the furnishings…

  6. wilmer suarez montano

    ADREES ?

  7. Андрей Зинкевич

    2523 Del Mar Pl, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, США $ 6990000