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  1. Very very expensive

  2. All new projects should be built with energy efficiency in mind and come with solar panels and battery storage.
    Climate Change is real. Building designs need to reflect that fact.

  3. Well it's been five years … The website is gone … So I guess …

  4. 550K…are you serious? Fuck that

  5. Too much money. I'll go brown.

  6. José Pedro Filipe

    550k is affordable?
    Ok… I guess I'm gaining too little…

  7. 6 months to put a pre fab house together? wow

  8. USD 550K, excluding the land, are you kidding me ? That's maybe affordable for a multi millionaire. I can buy the land and build a bigger passiv house for that amount

  9. 8 am… in the MORNING?!?!?!?!

  10. $500,000 is to be expected living in California that Cost will be considerably low here in Texas, my house which I paid $170,000, 2200 ft.² four bedrooms two full baths two car garage will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 California money which is why I'm glad I don't live in California. California is a beautiful place nice people but way too expensive to live I get more bang for my buck here in Dallas Texas. But my wife and I are looking to build our forever home and I want it to be a net zero home zero utilities including water which A rainwater harvesting system is also in the plans, so this module home option is something that I am considering.

  11. How is it in the mountains of Washington? Basically how would it withstand the cold, rain and high winds?

  12. Reflexology52 Welsh

    He moved in 6 months after it was set….,that ISN'T fast, nor is it economically priced…..it's green, but nothing else seems all that special.

  13. It's considered "affordable" due to the crazy prices in California….all of course to pay the exorbitant taxes that fund that libtard state.

  14. Holy crap 550k for this?!?! That's mini mansion money in my small central fl city! In fact, I was just window shopping on Zillow yesterday and saw a 4 bdrm 4.5 bath lakefront 2500 sqft home (with dock) on a little over an acre in a highly desired great neighborhood WITH separate guest house for that exact price! It was a very beautiful luxury-looking piece of property. How on earth can people who build houses lol in this video justify charging so much for so much less than normal, and it doesn't even come with the land!?!?

  15. 550K ??? WTF?? How the F*ck is that affordable? What a moron.

  16. This a beauty, but too high aren't they cheaper materials to use.

  17. Shallow "journalists", 12 weeks construction in the factory is not a fast home. This is a very complicated expensive unconventional slow build home. It would be better to highlight a more conventional, affordable net zero home for we the masses.

  18. $550K is not affordable. house in MN are the average price is around $160,000~$400,000 you can get around 1,400~2,400 sqft single house as an average location. above $300,000 you can get a pretty decent single house which is not prefab, and have a basement with it.
    This price is not for young people, is only for rich. You have to be rich and able to afford the minimal modern house in reality. what a bulls****.

    This video uploaded 5 years ago, I wonder how much at 2017 now?
    also, around 2,000 sqft is kind of big, I think around 1,000~1,600sqft is good enough for young people.(young people do no want more than 2 kids, also they do not like over big house which is waste space). most important part is AFFORDABLE. young people disagree with spend 30 years to pay stupid house loan.

  19. Wow! I absolutely love every part of this home. Beautiful.

  20. nope

  21. 8am in the morning…….love the american 'version' of the english language ha ha

  22. $550,000? Well, I better take good care of my cardboard box. With the way prices are rising, you can forward my mail to:
    "Box under the OuterBridge"…lol.

  23. It is only worth about $175k…

  24. Affordable my ass. Maybe in low Angeles that's affordable but north cali? Lol>…..there ain't nothing up in north Cali but cows and trees.

  25. Way overpriced.

  26. A stick framed house. You have to be kidding me. Also, $550K you cannot be serious.

  27. 550K is waaayyy to F-ING high. That's why they're out of business now.

  28. Many people in watching this video don't understand what net-zero means and are completely misinterpreting the title. This house is LEED ceritified (please look it up). That's expensive and extremely environmentally friendly. It's more of an investment to spend more on the house to save on the utilities. Besides, the title clearly says "made more affordable," thereby implying that these types of houses (modern and net-zero) are expensive (they are, go look some up) and is made cheaper by using this modular design technique. Please stop commenting ignorant comments saying that 550k is way too expensive. No it's not!