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Modern Mountain Home

2 years of working on this house and it is soooo exciting to see it come together! We’ve done two big installs (one 5 days before my due date, eek) and then all the fun stuff for photoshoot day.

I could go on and on about how much I love this project, but one of my favorite things is that it is much more modern than many of our projects, but still has a warmth to it. I’m so grateful for a client who trusted our vision throughout the process.

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  1. Wood makes things so much better calm and adds charm to a home.

  2. I love the floorboards in this home. Are you able to tell me the colour please? Hopefully they'll be available in Australia

  3. Absolutely Lovely!!

  4. Where are the grey patterned tiles from in the bathroom? They are amazing!

  5. Love love love the island chairs. Could you please tell where you gt them from?

  6. Best fireplace mantel I've ever seen!

  7. What's the song?

  8. My favorite home! I wish this video was longer! Such a beautiful creation.

  9. Isabel Velazquez

    Wow! Lots going on but it all works really nicely!

  10. that leather sofa!! pleeeeaaaase let me know who makes that


  12. OMG!! It turned out so beautiful!! I loved it. In which university did you study Interior design? I really want to study that.

  13. Wow beautiful ! Great job

  14. More Videos! More Videos! Love your work.

  15. You've got some serious eye candy going on in your videos! I'm gobbling up all this design inspiration for when we move into our place!

  16. 😍😍😍

  17. Amazing job. You had me at the Cherner chairs.

  18. Can I buy this house, exactly how this video shows it
    I'm being for real lol

  19. Absolutely love this house! I'm on my way to subscribe 🙂

  20. Cool! That is my bedroom light fixture at 1:00. This is gorgeous! So excited about your channel.

  21. You guys soooo inspiring 😍😍🙌🏼 please come out with some kind of course or workshop I would totally be the first in line:)

  22. OMG! Are those bunk bed for 8 people? 😀 How many kids they have? 😀 Or just for guests? 😀

  23. Marianna Panaccione

    you need waaaaaaay more subs! WOW!

  24. Your style is amazing!!! So glad I found your channel!

  25. Absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see more projects. Could you please do a video on how to become an interior designer, how you made your contacts, how you created your own signature style and where you source your products from? Fan from Sydney 🙂