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Modern Longhouse Design – An Architect’s Design Process part 2 of 2

More at: http://thirtybyforty.com/store/ In this video I describe our modern longhouse design. This is a continuation of the first video and describes the floor plan layout and decisions that informed our choice to build a long house. Part 2 of 2

Please watch: “Improve Your CAD Drawings | START TO FINISH tutorial (+ template)”


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  1. Mohamed BOUEGUANAYA

    i'm third year student.
    i feel so much strested when i work.

  2. Christos Angelopoulos

    I like the layout in general. I wonder about the main entrance/front door if it could have been placed elsewhere. I don't like the fact that what you face first when you enter the house, is the laundry

  3. i am requesting for VIDEO about charging clients and how to deal with
    clients how don't want to pay

  4. 30×40 is my best is a good place to be i like what you are doing Eric
    its Ibra here from uganda
    i wish i could vist you Eric you inspire me

  5. I really like the way you explain the whole concept on this house. Thank you for your videos! I always enjoy them and learn a lot!

  6. Cud i plz k ow your website…

  7. You're sharing really inspiring processes!!! Thank you!

  8. You're videos are awesome! I am an Architect student and this is better than some of my lecture classes.

  9. Kári Sæbjörn Kárason

    You're videos are really helpful. I hope you show us more on this project.

  10. i'm working on some early drafts for a house i want to build in a couple of years and this has been really helpful.