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Modern Living in a Small Family Home

With the drastic increase in house prices in Australia, many have been encouraged to explore alternative living arrangements. Multigenerational living, where families come together to share resources is becoming more popular and we are seeing tiny houses, and small accessory dwelling units starting to become common place.

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Commonly called a granny flat in Australia, an accessory dwelling unit up to 60 square meter (646 sqft) is allowed by the councils in many regions. This young family, not wanting to become overburdened with a high mortgage and wishing to be closer to family, capitalised on this by constructing a spectacular small home in their parents back yard.

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The home’s design was taken on by a friend of the family, designer Nicholas Gurney (www.nicholasgurney.com.au) who wanted to construct a home that was modern, high functioning and which would effectively make the most of the home’s small footprint.

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Music in this video by Bryce Langston: http://www.youtube.com/brycelangston

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langsyton
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2019 Zyia Pictures Ltd

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  1. Great! I would add a window AC it would cool the entire house for little cost. Maybe would have tried pocket doors. Also drawers in bathroom, but so so awesome! Love this home!

  2. looks unfinished. not my cup of tea

  3. I love that you are expanding into smaller homes which especially will work better for retirees and/or those with special medical needs.

  4. Ugly as fook

  5. I could live in that tiny home…right fit with a few tweaks in mind. Less windows for me or have them a bit higher up. Love the wood and concrete materials.

  6. Real Experience GS SINGH

    How much has this house cost for land and construction,
    Thanks about the other expenses for the house for interior

  7. Nefer Nymphaea Caerulea

    even the architect face shows he damn well know these folks got ripped off

  8. Nefer Nymphaea Caerulea

    Is there away to fight the laws based upon which the council is being such a piece of shit, and also dump councils like that which makes a disservice to everyone including nature?

  9. Nefer Nymphaea Caerulea

    now watching this after having watched the cabin in the middle of forest where the Love band ex member lives … feels like it is meant to be for robots, so not natural even tho there is wood all over the place. but i guess emptiness is after all an aspect of being and some ppl have that very accentuated

  10. I’d hire this guy to design a home! So well done.

  11. Doesn't look like a tiny house at all

  12. Guerrera De Dios

    Quien hace este tipo de construcción en la ciudad donde vivo no veo esto y quisiera una

  13. Maverick_is _right_

    Love how they call countertops bench tops. Sounds like a workshop with power tools. Guess this terminology started back when Australia was still a masculine society.

  14. I suppose that adding a basement and a covered car parking space would complicate things !

  15. Marina Fernandes

    Loved the video. This house is pretty much affordable for young families!

    Living in Munich the downer of a tiny/small house project is the cost of land. A 300m2 plot in the outskirts of the city costs about 1 500 000 or more! I’d love to see videos of people finding alternatives to buying land… Speacially in Germany! (without making use of family propertities or a heritage) Even more challenging: in Germany’s most expensive city: Munich

  16. Nice video. The architect did a great job.

  17. Now this is my kind of tiny home, the space is great, love the master bedroom.

  18. This is a really awesome home. :’-)

  19. Massimo Giordano

    Troppo soffocanti ,,,,,,,scatole ,,prive di personalità,,,,

  20. Familia domínico-alemana

    Tiny House? That is a normal house!!

  21. Tabatha Dalponte

    Might be bigger than my actual house

  22. Francesca Di'Frapolli

    Almost no windows!!
    No cross ventilation!!

  23. TheUnstableTiger

    Lol, when the little boy decides he mad at his parents and wants to run away to his grandparents. At least he don’t have far to go😂 nice house by the way!

  24. Feels like a coffin.

  25. is the guy saying that's right 5698 times an architect ? goddamn he's good he thought about everything and it's not his fault the host keeps saying shit that's true and looks at him for a comment

  26. "small"

  27. Ralph Milner Manalo

    I like this one, the house must be more elevated.

  28. Elaine Campbell

    Beautiful home, hope you both will be very happy there🇨🇦🇨🇦

  29. This tour took entirely too long

  30. The price is horrible, your changing the concept of tiny life living affordability by saying it’s about multigenerational living. Which aspect are you really advocating? Now your justifying price hikes…come on. We are a pretty intelligent group…

  31. Seems like most of the commentors have no concept of PPP (purchasing power parity). Another great video, and brilliant solution for high housing markets!

  32. Local councils are full of numbnuts. Regulation just to keep their jobs. A waste of ratepayers money, with no reason to knock down trees. Great house , love it.

  33. I keep forgetting the sun is in the northern hemisphere south of the equator. 🙃 Very nice home!

  34. I feel this doesn't fall under a tiny home category

  35. What kind of timber is that again?

  36. Nelson Johnson

    I didn'd get the concept. Those tiny houses are bigger than some nomal size houses

  37. Can't see myself spending $240k on this

  38. Such a beautiful house..thank you for sharing

  39. Frederick Malouf

    Where in Sydney is this?