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Modern Lake House Bonus Rooms Video Tour

It’s time for our final webisode for our Modern Lakehouse. Tour the bonus rooms in the home, including guest bedrooms, a gym, and a really beautiful craft room.

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  1. This entire project gives me soooooo many inspirations on tiles! I never liked the tiles selections that I've seen in where I live and I didn't know why until I see what you've been using in this house. They are all so sophisticated, minimal yet just so pretty on their own. And they tend to be light in colours which I feel really brightens up the rooms, now I know what I'm looking for. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. It's like you have some sort of voodoo magic! It's perfection!

  3. Lovely job Shea and Team – clean and bright with paired down styling – I’m sure your client was thrilled with the end results xXx

  4. I am so excited watching this I don't know why

  5. everything is just stunning <3

  6. Recipe to McGee’s success : wood, silver and gold metals, white and black , real plants, marble and ceramic and soft fabrics.

  7. Gorgeous home

  8. What a stunning yet livable home! I'd love to know what the white color you used on the wall is. Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Who knew – black, white & wood tones. Gorgeous and warm. Been a tutorial on the overall impact a beautiful shade of wood has!

  10. I'm catching up on your videos. This house is so stinkin IT. love everything you have done. so warm, simple, beautiful & breathtaking!

  11. I discovered this channel about 2 weeks ago and now it quickly has become my favourite place to watch for home reno inspirations. Despite of the style of each house, things always look effortless, sophisticated, and luxurious in a very subtle way, I love that. Watching these people working as a team so passionately is also very inspirational. I don’t think I’ll ever meet you guys in real life but I really love the channel and looking forward for even more amazing content! ❤️

  12. My dream craft room! The house is great and I like the rest of the house. I would like to have a house similar to this one day.

  13. Loooooove!

  14. Honestly such a gorgeous home! Love the colour scheme throughout the entire house. The black and white with all the wood gives me serious scandinavian vibes. So lovely x

  15. Parabéns belíssimo canal super 🌹
    Saudações 🇧🇷 feliz natal 🎄 beijos com carinho!
    Um abençoado 2019 🙏

  16. Wow , indeed you delivered! What a beautiful home. The mix of wood, tiles and chosen colors is always a highlight for me.
    I rewatched this and it made me smile and warmed my heart seeing that bedspread with the lace cos I just did a DIY with Belgian Brugge vintage lace to my own bedspread. Well done team McGee.

  17. Sofia Frederique

    Love everything. Except the 🐟😬

  18. I love everything, as usual! Could you tell me the info about the lamp in the girliest ROOM.??? I adore it🎀💯💕👌🏻🎖🎯💡🙋👍🏻💋

  19. Alesha Williams

    OBSESSED! This house is incredible.

  20. Monica Ibarra Fitness MakeUp Life

    You are amazing! I loved the girl bathroom… 💕✨😍 laundry.. everything.. what did you use in the laundry backsplash?

  21. beautiful!

  22. this house is AMAZING!!!

  23. Always, always delightful and cheery even with the black colors incorpoated🖤 sweet designs. Thank you so much for sharing it all. Excellent finish.

  24. So gorgeous!!!!

  25. I want to see a Christmas decor video.

  26. PLEASE tell me where the tiles are from, we've had subfloor covered in carpet for the last few years because we can't agree on a tile. I think this is finally the one!!

  27. OMG!!! U guys are so amazing i just loveeeeeeeee u guys so much. I don't have a favorite, i just love every room, u guys should win award for best design, u guys are so awesome great job.👍