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Modern Kitchen Makeover | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

Looking to renovate your kitchen? Watch as Tara transforms a 30-year old kitchen into a modern timber-inspired masterpiece.

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  3. going to give it to you it was pretty good

  4. The layout of the kitchen is good and the bench top looks great although I would have used a white on the cabinets overall it looks really nice 👍🏻

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  11. 4:25 …. what, no water proof underlay?

  12. Nice but wood is suck

  13. I am in pakistan palec my home mekeover kar do

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  15. Are flat packs available in the U.S?

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  22. Wow this colour scheme is amazing.Tara is just so you incredible.

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  24. I'm from Viet Nam and I absolutely love your TV show. I've already followed u on Facebook and Youtube. I really hope I could watch full episode on YouTube because I can't find u guys on TV program

  25. I love it, I love tara even more!!

  26. Plz load more of Tara's videos on indoor and outdoor renovations and cteations..

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