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Modern Kitchen in Revit Tutorial

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In this tutorial I show you how to model an In this tutorial I show you how to model a Modern Kitchen Interior Design in Revit.

Revit Shortcuts:

GR – Grid
RE – Scale
EL – Elevation
VR – View Range
CL – Structural Column
MM – Mirror (pick axis)
DM – Mirror (draw axis)
UN – Project Units
WA – Wall
CS – Create Similar
RP – Reference Plane
Al – Align
SL – Split Element
OF – Offset
TR – Trim/Extend
AR – Array
CO – Copy
TX – Text
LI – Model Lines
DL – Detail LInes
RR – Render
RY – Ray Trace
GD – Graphic Display Options
TL – Thin Lines
GP – Group
LG – Project form Group

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    thanks for your video. good explanation to learn all your video.we expect more videos

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  5. Well done work Balkan Architect.

  6. Would you mind doing a series in furniture, especially chairs with curved backs or openings in the back panel of the chair. Thx

  7. Orhan Muaz Cakir

    why do you use "unfinish" for material?

  8. When working on interior you might want to use interior elevation instead of sections.

  9. I am not receiving a confirmation e-mail from revit city. Any ide what the problem is?

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  11. Hi sir, Remember me? I already did Gas station Model and sent you my work And you replied to. Happy With That.

    Like that, I followed you again and I did Suspension Bridge Model.

    Take a look at my work and expecting reply..!!
    Link Below..

    Suspension Bridge Model Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FjuIUUMR9jfyV_5kahZfuvdusttWumY8

    Gas Station Model Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gMkCgIwVOhQW6T_a0XexB93KS4S4BdST?usp=sharing

    Thanks for Great content sir.

  12. there where some commands that you forget to mention because u use the keyboard shortcut can you please remember to mention each time you use one please Mr. Balkan

  13. Hi man, I have a question about something that happened to me before… when you place the sink, it doesn't cut into the countertop… and so, in the place when you should do the dishes you have… well… countertop… how to solve that? thank you for this great tut!!

  14. Odlični su ti ovi tutorijali vezani za enterijer i svakako neka ih bude više.

  15. more interior lessons my friend

  16. Good job Balkan go ahead

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    Just what I needed, amazing!

  18. Hoces li praviti ove tutorijale na nasem jeziku? 🙂

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    Bedroom next?

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