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Modern Home Tour | The Sims Freeplay | Original Design

Hello, welcome to the first video of a new channel! This home build was inspired by a home I toured during an open house. I loved the home (but not the price) and decided to recreate it on a premium lot. I’ve always preferred one story homes. How about you?

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  1. Beautiful 🌚💖

  2. Love this design! I just built it in my city. Thank you 🙂

  3. im so sad why don't you gave a direction on how to build this kind of house

  4. i hope you submited

  5. wow i love it so much desined house

  6. Very nice!I wonder about the door and windows you used in this house. Is it a limited time prize or something? I don't have it in my Home Store. Thank you

  7. Have you got a live build on this please?

  8. hello I love ur video do u have a Facebook that I can view your town