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Modern Home Staircase Designs


A modern home staircase design can make all the aesthetic difference in the world to your home decor. In fact it can even be the feature point of your living room or lounge area and the next level in your house.

A staircase in a home as well all know has the practical purpose of connecting two separate levels on different elevations within a house.

The functionality of a staircase though, doesn’t need to stop at that. A substantial investment in the design, style, materials, and even the architectural look of a set of stairs can be just what it takes to make the staircase the real center of attention in your home.

A modern home staircase design can be simplistic and minimalistic, or it can be a little more ornate and sophisticated. The trend with new modern staircases is to make the steps appear as if they’re floating, and just hanging off the wall. Many others choose the contemporary look with no balustrade or handrail, and yet others prefer this as a safety feature and so build in a glass balustrade to the staircase so as to reduce the overall visual effect, although this can often add to the overall visual appeal of the staircase’s look.

Take a look at the video and you’ll find some amazing staircase designs that will blow your mind and show you just what is possible in todays modern home designs

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