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Modern Home Renovations – Renovation a house with Futuristic Design Style

http://goo.gl/vftk33 Modern Home Renovations – Actually this is the result of home renovations. Completed by Neil M. Denari Architects, it is located in Los Angeles, California, USA

The clients for this house renovation / extension, a couple with three daughters, are a creative, democratic unit. The father directs film trailers, the mother is a graphic designer and illustrator, while the high school / middle school / elementary school aged daughters are all immersed in their own versions of their parents visual cultures. The family have asked that 1,000 sf be added to the site in addition to the existing 1,000 sf house.

The scheme leaves half of the house for the daughter’s bedrooms and incorporates the other half plus new extensions in front and back into a public zone and a private bedroom for the parents. This strategy amounts to a new 16 ft wide linear house being inserted into the existing house. Multi-toned, bright colors accentuate the new pieces which suggest a graphic expression representative of the family’s interests.”


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Modern renovation and 1,000 square foot extension of a home in Los Angeles

Photo courtesy: Neil M. Denari Architects

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