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Modern Home Interiors For A 3BHK In Brigade Exotica Bangalore

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Clients: Rohini and Keshav Kamat with their daughter Shambhavi and his parents
Location: Brigade Exotica, Old Madras Road, Bangalore
Size of home: 3BHK spanning approx. 1,825 sq ft (carpet area)
Design team: Interior designer Jyoti Phadke and Project Manager Karthik S
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹ 24 lakhs

The family had a mix of European furniture and certain vintage ethnic pieces. When it came to colours, they leaned towards Scandinavian hues. Also, they valued empty space just as much as decor items. Hence, the designer had to work with an eclectic mix of furniture pieces in a backdrop of muted shades including greys, browns and beiges.
Full details here: https://www.livspace.com/magazine/hometour-modern-design-meets-ethnic-accents/

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  1. JJ's Kitchen and Vlogs

    Loved it

  2. Livspace is Joke , If you sign up with them , they will make your life miserable .Before completing work they will collect 100% of your amount ignore you , Then designers will not be bothered to address your queries ,

  3. Hemangi Aritakula

    what's with the Dark knight themed background score? annoying…nice interiors

  4. These fellows don't show the rest room. They think it's a dirty place. Without rest room no fucking house could be built. In 99percent of the videos they hide 🚻 what a stupid concept it is.

  5. Waw…Livspace The interior is so …. Pretty ….. Every objects have there one identity….. Mostly i. like kit. Area .. Which is very speshious…. Thanks for showing your project videos……..!!!👌👍

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    Very elegant and clutter free..perfect combination of form and functionality …defintely one of the better design projects by LIVSPACE

  7. Two engineers and this kind of space in Bangalore??!!! Really??? 😳😳😳😳😳☹️

  8. Beautifully Done..

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  10. Kitchen area well planned, just want add and need answer also of my query, is it right to place mirror opposite bed, it it advisable. As used in shutters of wardrobe.

  11. D best part is.. it looks like a beautiful home, nt a boutique.. useable, practical and ya elegant..
    I have a query.. 24 lakhs include furnitures, interior works n electronics?

  12. such a beautiful interior, but you make it real your thought……

  13. Is budget includes furniture purchase or is it out of budget

  14. Nice and beautiful house. I live in Virginia in USA. I feel your house is more planned and neater than my home. It is an amazing home. Maybe i can visit your house when i come to Bangalore, India along with my family. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  15. Appreciable implementations in kitchen setup 👌

  16. Very gallery like space -the best part of the house – empty spaces , which is the highlight of the design

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    Beautiful and uncluttered in keeping with current minimalistic trends.
    Intelligently done 👏

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  21. Hi team could you help me with the cost as it is not mentioned in the description or the link. Thanks.

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  23. What most Interior Designers overlook are the needs of Elderly people. Double Bed that can be separated into two singles in case of medical needs, plenty storage/ shelves near the bed for medicines n such , some place near the bed for walking stick or walker or where a wheelchair can be folded & kept, a table with adjustable height that can be pulled to the bed to have meals/ tea… ..

  24. Itsallabtthepassions

    Just loved it…kitchen is superb and smart

  25. The interior work is really amazing. Some of the ideas are very thoughtful and practical. Really nice work appreciate the owners and the whole team who have done a great job. Appreciate if we you can give an approximate cost of the interior work

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