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Modern Home Design with Natural Elements in The Interior – Sierra Fría

Modern Home Design – This house is known as Sierra Fría. It is a private home located in Mexico City, Mexico. It was designed by JJRR Arquitectura and Completed in 2014

Modernist architecture (also known as International Style) is defined by thin linear forms, exposed metal frames, concrete cladding, and little ornamentation – characteristics often met with hesitation due to the perception that strict functionalism leads to overly minimalistic spaces. But these beautiful homes by José Juan Rivera Río demonstrate a more vibrant side of this iconic architectural genre: organic, atmospheric, and endlessly adaptable. Located in the prestigious Mexico City neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec, all three homes reject the monolithic mansions that surround and instead opt for clarity and organic appeal.
Volcanic stones pave the walking path and portions of the exterior, enhancing the exterior’s connection with the earth. Over time, natural weathering effects will color the stone and concrete for a more integrated aesthetic.

Natural elements continue to play just as important of a role inside the home. This time, clean lines of wood grain stand in contrast to the untamed foliage and grey textiles replace the rough texture of stone cladding.

Exterior courtyards facilitate indoor-outdoor living – like this dining table situated conveniently outside the kitchen.

Light floods the atrium, a catalyst to reflect the warmth of the wood floors onto the grey concrete walls.

Bedrooms, too, have their own personal patios and gardens. This one overlooks the cool waters across the yard.

Shallow water conditions the air as it flows into the home, an effective cooling solution for the Mexican dry season.

It also provides a unique way to appreciate the provocative sculpture that greets visitors at the entrance.

Jet-black pool lining creates the illusion of infinite depth and erases the transition from the water to the sculpture’s pedestal.

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Photos by: Nicolás Fotografía

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