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Modern Home Design with Floating Style Shape and Beautiful Roof Garden

This modern house is known as floating house. Floating House is a residential project completed by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects in 2009.
It is located in Gyeonggi, South Korea.

Space Planning
The house was located in the north as far as it can be for a big sunny yard in the south. The guest house was located in the south so that the restaurants and motels are not seen from the yard. The guest house was built as if it were the fence to be located as far as it can be in the south. It looks like it was put inside the thick fence. To view the river from the yard and the guest house, the main building was leveled up to be a piloti. The roof of the main building was made as a plain roof and there is a roof garden in which people can overlook the river from high level. As a result, the river is viewed from every part of the house.

To make the house look as big as possible, a one meter wide balcony made of the same materials as the main building was built at its four sides. The regulation defines that a balcony with one meter width is not included in total floor area. By doing so, the interior looks as if it keeps expanding when it is seen from inside the building. Also, since all the buildings were lifted from the floor for one floor’s height, the pilotis space could be more expanded. Not to make the pilotis look big-headed like most piloti space with small and minimal columns, the columns were made thicker than necessary and a waterspout was installed inside to make the first floor look like a heavy rock.

The plan can be described as the “space within space.” The service space, such as a bathroom, a dress room, and a kitchen, was concentrated in the middle and compactly distributed, and a bedroom was placed in the east, a living room in the west, and a corridor in the outskirts. To make people in the house feel the space bigger than real, a circular traffic line was adopted instead of one main traffic line. The circular traffic line was made with a minimum width to differentiate the intensity of space, but the space does not look small because the traffic line extends to visually meet the terrace

Psychological relationship” is the relationship in which a person cannot go over or look at an object, but he/she knows that there is the object. When a person is in a place without a window and he/she knows that there is a room beyond the wall, it is the psychological relationship.
In this house, these kinds of relationships were created through traditional “rooms,” such as living room, bedroom, roof, staircase, kitchen, or bathroom. For example, the study room and the kitchen were divided by a staircase but connected through a small window.


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Hyunjoon Yoo Architects Design a Spacious Contemporary Home in Gyeonggi, South Korea

Photos courtesy of Hyunjoon Yoo Architects


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