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Modern Home Design which Focused to Solve Comfortness, Natural and Energy Efficiency – Akanaka House

Modern Home Design – This modern house is known as Akanaka. It was designed by Realrich Sjarief (RAW architecture)

“I want a residence where is comfortable, natural, and energy efficient,” said Mr. Yuwono to Realrich Sjarief when he stated the brief of Akanaka. Akanaka is located on 800 sqm lands, consists 19 serviced bedrooms, in 2 levels building with an open-air corridor. It is in Kemang, South Jakarta, a precinct where is well known as the art district.

From the facade, Akanaka’s 4.5 meters cantilevered canopy blocks the east-west sun while giving a tropical device for heavy rainfall. The orangish terracotta facade module 300 mm x 300 mm made by craftsmen at Pamulang gives a private, solid void, an expression which is functional and beauty.

The linear and communal courtyards are introduced at the centre of the building as a communal space, sculpture garden providing air stacking effect, and natural sunlight coming to the communal space. The size of the rooms varies from 16 sqm, 24 sqm, to 35 sqm which each of the room provide cross air circulations, functional interior design, and dual aspect window providing sunlight to the room.

Inside the building, there is much feeling of wood and concrete. The teak wood was engineered by cut into 3mm thin slices, glued on top of plywood to increase lightness, cost, and availability of teakwood.

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