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Modern and Luxury Home Design – “The Mansion” Project by Harrison Varma

Modern and Luxury Home Design – “The Mansion” Project by Harrison Varma.

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Harrison Varma have once again constructed a modern masterpiece located in Courtenay Avenue.

The luxury home has been built to the highest specification with over 16,300 sq. feet of accommodation comprising of 8 bedroom suites, 6 reception rooms, cinema, indoor pool, gym and leisure facilities, staff apartment, 8 person lift as well as secure underground parking for 6 cars.

The luxury home features the finest luxury furniture, a bespoke kitchen, high-end bathroom furniture, cinema room and contemporary indoor swimming pool.

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  2. it's Herobrine

  3. interior design, the space and colors that accentuate, the glasses and the lightings and the music defines the owner's heart. and soul..
    thanks for the video. ..

  4. this house is mesut ozil house

  5. What's the name of the song?

  6. looks like you've been to ikea…

  7. Expressivenification

    I also went for the wenge and white marble in the kitchen too. Done same with the old house. Love those colours go so well. Modern can be cold and far too formal but lighting is important. Glass is a pain, especially with all the cleaning. However I
    have one room tucked away with a traditional homely feeling. It has a thick pile carpet, fabric sofas and old rusty fire and a standard non fancy tele just to cosy up to in the winter nights.

  8. An architect designs a mansion or any buildings, and was built by an engineer or a builder. To master architect you have to study math, perspective lines and point, vanishing point, master sketching and other else.

  9. Nice architecture. Peace interior

  10. Construction Today Magazines- Chicago, Illinois

    Cool video as it gives great ideas for constructing home. It is such a cool architecture.Very informative i love this home design. Thanks for sharing this video.

  11. So much glass on the ground floor, just begging to be robbed.

  12. Good design

  13. kagda nebut ia kupliu ego 🙂 🙁 :)))))

  14. SinergyEst Imobiliare

    I want something like this

  15. I spend my life just dreaming of just getting a modern house and sitting and enjoying the view. this us what drives me to do my best in schol

  16. Cinama room lift swimming pool bar in the future when I'm famous I'm bye this house

  17. I was so done with the garage.  No need to back in, just hop onto the little circle and I'll turn your car around for ya.  WHAT!  I'm done for the day.  Just too cool.  Guess I'll have to re-design my dream home.

  18. I live in this house in my head everyday!

  19. Buddy so much money

  20. Hi Guys

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  21. how much is that

  22. No prob 😉 .. only wish I uploaded it in higher quality.

    Will try to find if I still have the original video saved somewhere in my computer to re-upload in higher quality.


    top floor looks shit it should be flat . and very very beauty full from inside . thx for the upload bro.

  24. Agree. Didn't like the exterior much. But I'm all for the interior though.

  25. the exterior is a bit ugly.. but the interior was magnificent!!

  26. Who wants to live in London anyway? Not even get this mansion for free.

  27. Like someone else said here, 21 Million pounds is reasonable to buy it "ready"…. but 10 Million is a lil too much for building it from scratch. Top notch designers I have to say, though.

    You can find their contact details at their site here:

    harrisonvarma. co. uk

  28. can you please send me the contact details of the designer.

  29. only 10 million?? lol

  30. thats the actitude

  31. Condition for Buyers :
    1– you should be a football player , Actress ,actor or politician
    2– you should be a decent liar and cold blooded murdered
    3–you should be so selfish and helpless

  32. …………

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  34. Gosh London prices are really insane and even a lottery win would be insufficient to allow you to buy and run such a house-sigh!

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