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Model a House in SketchUp (pt.2) | SketchUp Show #28 (Tutorial)

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In this video: Take a floor plan and quickly turn it into a house using SketchUp. Need to know SketchUp?

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  1. I swear google u are the best u makes all things easy accessible God bless u and thanks.

  2. i love this tutorial can you continue to the 3part for this tutorial if you mind. thank you

  3. These are the best tutorial, thank you for uploading.

  4. How about sketchup some hair…jk

  5. what is name the program ?

  6. If the thickness of walls is generally 6 inches, then how thick should I make the floor/ceiling?

  7. Thank you

  8. Thanks for the SketchUp tips 4SUgo to school helped me a lot. I made this! watch?v=RoGNAtv129Q

  9. i cant seem to select the sides with the select tool like u did for painting them.

  10. i'm starting to use sketchup. it's very fun and excited. Thank you for helping us to learn this software easilly and effectively.

  11. You get the Pro Version which comes with LayOut, you can then Import the Model or Views into it. It's not very smooth though, it's a major pain in the ass.

  12. You need the Pro version.

  13. YouGoodFighter / patdesign

    I worked with autoCAD and tried Gsketch. Love it but how do you make/print a plan with measurement on it. Can't print a 3D drawing with no info.

  14. is there an application that makes modeling a house much easier?

  15. this is nice

  16. برنامج سكتشب من اجل جدار صلب 0:25عازل علي حساب استراتجية التجاه من صنع مجموعة الاعمال

  17. this is way too cool!.but did you import a drawing from cad or other software? or did you do all these things in sketchup? and what sketchup version are you using, sir?

  18. Seetharaman Kuppuswamy

    great video thanks

  19. great job! the best

  20. how to download ur video?

  21. how do you record the walk

  22. There are some fairly powerful parametric modeling features that are possible via Dynamic Component tools. Things get even more awesome if you dig into the API via Ruby. You might wanna check some of that stuff out before you sell SKP short…

  23. sketchup should be a parametric drawing software. Editing a drawing with SU is really annoying. Hope V9 will be way better than this

  24. Mike, nice video as always. However I noticed one small p[problem with your model.
    When you put the garage level plan under the second floor level plan, you did not put in a floor joist space between the two floor plans. This will present a very big problem with your stairs and other issues like elevations and sections etc. Come on man! This is basic Architecture 101 stuff and you should have caught it! Besides that, you are The Man on Sketchup!

  25. sketchup search, all you need to know about Sketchup

  26. Can I import a vectorworks file to sketchup and how? Help plzzz.

  27. PLEASE HELP! I have to make a presentation on sheets 1000x700mm the problem is that plans does not fit in one page how can i split a drawing into two pages?

  28. @Thales79bp THANK YOU! You made my day!

  29. @PreviewHD Middle button + Hold Shift
    It is useful to watch the original Google tutorials 🙂

  30. Is there a key I can hold down to change my pointer to pan, without changing the tool. like I can hold down the middle mouse button to rotate…?

  31. i got help

  32. @MrKingofSeattle Hi,
    1. I saw you said something about gaming 🙂
    well.. this program called 'Unity 3d' is a very good and easy game development program. Go check it out: unity3d . com

    2. From 'Google Skecthup Pro' you can export to ( .fbx, .obj .3ds …..) which you can easily can drop into Unity 3d.

  33. As a solidworks user, I cannot deal with drawing without any dimension control point. If I want to make some wall thicker, I would like to double click the wall and select thickness, apply changes, update and automatic relocate window to exterior basement. How is Sketchup with these kind of stuff? I think I used SKUp6. Same for foundation, I update floor plan, and every wall are updated. It this now possible in sketchup?