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Minimalist Modern House – Simple Shape House Surrounded by Oak Forest

Minimalist House Design – This house is known as The House in the Woods. was an interesting challenge for the working team Officina29 Architetti, where the strong, powerful presence of oak trees and the sloping terrain imposed the design that blurs the boundary between building and landscape.

A suspended, simple orthogonal form of the house fits perfectly into the oak forest, a striking setting where the majestic trees surround and touch the building with its branches.

Each natural element has been respected and not even one tree has been cut down to make room for the house. The reinforced concrete pillars hold the structure, which floats above the ground and native underwood plants.
This new structure is actually annex to the existing house, detached completely from it.

The building is characterized by limited dimensions and height, almost to highlight by contrast the grandeur of the surrounding trees. These dimensions necessitated the furniture made to measure to the small size of the building.

The study of landscape project in this context is basically built around one main idea: the desire to establish a dialogue between the new volume and semi-natural forest surrounding.

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Design team:

Officina29 Architetti
Project team: Alessandra Caria, Antonio Chessa, Stefano Ercolani
Landscape architecture: Vlatka Colic, Kreativni Krajobrazi

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